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Listen to the latest insights from Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs—the world’s catalyst for ethical action. Tune in to hear from leading experts and thinkers from around the world who are tackling the most complex issues today and tomorrow, including the intersection of AI andRead more

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C2GTalk: How do we include sustainable development when considering climate-altering approaches? with Youba Sokona

Nov 22 • 29:15

Context matters and without clarity on the impacts that climate-altering approaches will have from different perspectives, it will be difficult to deal with the ethical and governance dimensions, said Youba Sokona during a C2GTalk interview. He highlights the need for research that not only considers the global level, but seeks to understand the national and local levels w...

Castaway Mountain: Love and Loss Among the Wastepickers of Mumbai, with Saumya Roy

Nov 18 • 59:15

Almost half of U.S. greenhouse gas emissions are associated with the energy used to produce, process, transport, and dispose of the food we eat and the goods we use—multiply this around the world. Waste, from food to plastics, not only affects climate change but also affects people's lives in ways that we don't always consider. Saumya Roy brings these issues to life in her...

AI & Warfare: Are We in a New "Horse & Tank Moment"? with Kenneth Payne

Nov 17 • 01:15:00

Will AI systems transform the future battlefield so dramatically that it will render existing paradigms and doctrines obsolete, feeding new intense security dilemmas? In this Artificial Intelligence & Equality podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen is joined by Kenneth Payne, a King’s College London reader and the author of I, Warbot: The Dawn of Artificially Intelligent Co...

C2GTalk: How might ecological civilization consider emerging approaches to alter the climate? with Pan Jiahua

Nov 15 • 37:46

Finding harmony between man and nature is essential as we tackle the climate crisis, said Professor Pan Jiahua in an interview with C2GTalk. In this episode, he explores the concept of ecological civilization, and how carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation modification approaches aimed at altering the climate might be considered in this framework....

The Doorstep: Reversing Missed Opportunities in Africa, with Howard W. French

Nov 12 • 43:13

By 2030, Africa is projected to be home to 60 percent of the world's working-age population. Columbia Journalism School's Professor Howard W. French, author of the recently published Born in Blackness, joins Doorstep co-hosts Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to explain how this will impact global economies, climate change politics, and U.S.-China relations. French also cal...

C2GTalk: How is the UN Economic Commission for Europe (UNECE) working with countries to attain Carbon Neutrality in the ECE region? with Olga Algayerova

Nov 8 • 35:02

Many countries in the ECE region are embracing carbon neutrality recognized as the first milestone towards sustainable energy, with leaders like Canada, Denmark, France, and the United Kingdom, says Olga Algayerova during a C2GTalk interview. She calls for countries to recommit to the future: "We are really running out of time and urgent action is needed." She highlights t...

Time for an Honest Scientific Discourse on AI & Deep Learning, with Gary Marcus

Nov 3 • 01:18:19

In this episode of the Artificial Intelligence & Equality Initiative podcast, Senior Fellow Anja Kaspersen sits down with Gary Marcus, a cognitive scientist, author, and entrepreneur, to discuss the need for an open and healthy scientific discourse on AI. What we can learn from particle physics and CERN to create an international AI mission to make sure this technology bec...

C2GTalk: How can the most vulnerable have a say in governing climate-altering approaches? with Saleemul Huq

Nov 1 • 36:57

Governance is the key element in any climate-altering approaches being proposed, particularly from the point of view of climate vulnerable nations, says Professor Saleemul Huq in an interview with C2GTalk. His greatest concern is that decisions that have repercussions for the most vulnerable will be taken without them having a chance to take part in the discussion, so it i...

The Doorstep: The Evangelical Right Takes Latin America, with Francisco de Santibañes

Oct 28 • 52:04

It's election season in the U.S. and around the world. Wilson Center's Francisco de Santibañes joins Doorstep co-hosts Nick Gvosdev and Tatiana Serafin to discuss the rise in popular conservatism across Latin America and how new evangelical-church-supported, anti-establishment leaders are changing the conversation and winning elections in Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. De S...

C2GTalk: What role can nature-based approaches play in addressing the climate crisis? with Manuel Pulgar-Vidal

Oct 25 • 42:17

Governance is a key element in ensuring that nature-based approaches to addressing the climate crisis support ecological functions, are sustainable, and produce co-benefits, says Manuel Pulgar-Vidal during a C2GTalk interview. Ultimately, he stressed, any intervention—whether nature- or technology-based—can only be considered if it is based on a strong commitment to reduce...

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