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The pearl clutching about “cancel culture” and “censorship” has become louder and more absurd while also getting more and more play in the media. Journalists Katelyn Burns and Oliver-Ash Kleine see this panic for what it is though: a grift. They take a closer look at these temper tantrums,Read more

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Democracy Dies with Dogma

Jul 29 • 32:01

How Twitter Can Undo A Life (ft. Emily VanDerWerff)

Jul 8 • 01:17:15

This week Katelyn and Oliver-Ash interview Emily VanDerWerff about her article about the fallout from the story "I Sexually Identify as an Attack Helicopter" and the devastating impact it had on the talented writer Isabel Fall. The conversation touches on the way the Twitter algorithm encourages these kinds of pile ons, what our responsibility is, transmisogyny and so much...

Only Fans Fuckery

Jun 24 • 24:14

The Cancel Culture Grift Hypocrisy

Jun 10 • 32:08

"Cancelling" Mother's Day & Snow White

May 13 • 27:34

This week Katelyn & Oliver dive into some of the latest nothing burger panic on the right. First, we discuss the right wing panic that boiled over this Mother's Day over using gender neutral reproductive language. Then, we look at how mild cultural criticism of an updated Disney ride is spurring one of the latest panics.

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A Recycled Moral Panic

Apr 29 • 59:37

This episode we have an in-depth conversation about cancel culture and some of the moral panic's roots with Michael Hobbes, of the popular  podcasts "You're Wrong About" and "Maintenance Phase."Katelyn, Oliver, and Michael discuss tactics the right uses to create moral panics and how they rope  journalists in to spread their propaganda, how it's okay for college  kids to b...

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The Outrage Industrial Complex

Apr 15 • 40:37

In this episode, Katelyn and Oliver delve into the Republican temper tantrum over Major League Baseball pulling its All Star game out of Georgia in response to the state’s draconian voter suppression law...and shed light about how it’s part of a larger, more ominous strategy to shut down dissent. Plus, the two explore an existential question: Is “cancel culture” even real?

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Cuomo Shit & Tater Dicks

Mar 18 • 34:17

he Cancel Daddy comes for New York Governor Andrew Cuomo in light of his decrying “cancel culture” in response to calls for his resignation due to several allegations of sexual misconduct. Plus Katelyn and Oliver discuss the bizarre controversy over Mr. Potato Head, pearl clutching about Dr. Seuss and what books we should actually be concerned about over calls for them to ...

America Uncancelled?

Mar 4 • 45:03

Hosts Katelyn Burns and Oliver-Ash Kleine break down the events of this weekend's Conservative Political Action Convention (CPAC), and the  hypocrisy behind its theme: "America Uncancelled." They also give in depth analysis of the newest beneficiary of the cancel culture grift  economy, former Smith College professor Jodie Shaw.

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