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Call Me Back - with Dan Senor

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What history can teach us about the current decade we’re in - the 2020s.

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Lessons for the 2020s - With Historian Niall Ferguson

Nov 26 • 41:23
The first of our two-part conversation with Naill Ferguson is on applied history’s lessons of the 1920s and the 1970s...for the 2020s.

Niall is a historian and senior fellow at the Hoover Institution at Stanford University, and he previously taught at Harvard, NYU and Oxford. He’s the managing director of Greenmantle, a macroeconomic and geopolitical advisory firm. Niall i...

Dan Senor’s New Podcast - Call Me Back

Nov 23 • 01:55
Welcome to our new podcast, “Call Me Back”, where we try to zoom out from minute-to-minute news and look back to how we got here, what we can learn from earlier decades and where we might be going in these roaring and raging 2020s.

In each episode, I’ll call a friend who is deeply immersed in some of the most transformative issues of our time.

Broadly speaking, I want to f...

The Political Fallout from Covid19 - with Matthew Continetti

Nov 6 • 56:10
The recent electoral outcomes in Virginia, New Jersey, New York City, Buffalo, Minneapolis and other areas across the country were as much to do with the pandemic -- and the economic and cultural shocks from the pandemic -- as anything. Was it a political blip or some kind of realignment?
Where does the Democratic Party go from here? And what about the Republican Party? Wha...

Vaccines: A New American Success Story? — with The Wall Street Journal’s Gregory Zuckerman

Oct 30 • 01:04:42
Have we revolutionized vaccine development? What does this mean for our lives and our health well beyond the vaccine for Covid-19? Could this kind of life sciences revolution only happen in America? And what about Operation Warp Speed? Is it a model for future public-private partnerships to solve big problems?

Greg Zuckerman of The Wall Street Journal joins the podcast to d...

IS THIS THE END OF C-19’s BEGINNING? - with Yale University’s Nicholas Christakis

Oct 22 • 01:08:32
In the middle of the pandemic, Dr. Nicholas Christakis released a sweeping book, called “Apollo’s Arrow: The Profound and Enduring Impact of Coronavirus on the Way We Live”. In it, he drew on scientific, medical, and sociological research, and assessed the transmission of the virus, responses worldwide, and prognosis for the pandemic’s end, including some bold predictions....

The Merits of Merit

Oct 15 • 01:00:02
During the pandemic, standardized tests were suspended in an entire range of educational institutions. Will these changes be temporary or permanent?
More than 600 of these institutions switched from a mandatory to optional test for the 2020-21 application season, and many just flat out refused to accept a test at all in their application process. According to the editor in...

A New Crime Wave? - With Jason Riley

Oct 2 • 01:20:20

Presidents and Pandemics - with Tevi Troy

Sep 17 • 51:20

Books and essays discussed in this episode:...

A Rosh Hashanah Special: Business Principles from the Book of Genesis

Sep 9 • 01:12:26
On this podcast, we’ve talked to a lot of policy-makers, pundits, professionals and practitioners about big picture trends they are observing and experiencing as a result of the pandemic.

Today, however, we are going more micro. We'll talk to a venture capitalist about his portfolio of start-ups, and how those companies have been impacted by changes in the way we work and ...

A Post-Delta World — with Dr. Sid Mukherjee

Sep 3 • 01:04:59

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