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The "Caffeinated Inspiration" podcast, welcomes you into meaningful conversations with inspiring people that naturally percolate over a nice cup of coffee. In a world that is filled with darkness, we hope that this podcast can bring a little light into all of your lives. In short, we believe thatRead more

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EP012: Caffeinated Inspiration - The Secret Garden (Shalom Part 2)

Sep 9 • 24:35

In this episode Christina Riley, owner of Studiobeanhead shares her thoughts of lessons she has learned in creating her first garden from a Christian perspective. Christina shares some memories from her childhood that shaped and steered some of her current perspectives today. In digging deeper into researching the Hebrew word for peace (shalom), she shares some truly inspi...

EP011: Caffeinated Inspiration - Shalom Peace (Part 1)

Jun 16 • 58:57

In this episode Christina Riley, owner of Studiobeanhead zoom interviews Marty Michelson; Educator, Pastor, Certified Peace and Conflict Resolution, Relational Therapist and Ph.D. of Ancient Jewish History and Literature on the Topic of Shalom (Which is the Hebrew word for Peace). In this episode you will learn about Corrie Ten Boom's story from her experience during WWII ...

EP010: Caffeinated Inspiration - Staying Connected When You Feel Disconnected

May 26 • 32:40

In this episode your host, Christina Riley, Owner of Studiobeanhead interviews Hair Stylist/Barber Stormy Vaughn Bowers the owner of Stormy Styles, located at Salon Suites 405 in Edmond Oklahoma. Stormy's positive perspective and online actions caught Christina's eye when she saw that after the salons were shut down temporarily due to corona virus (COVID 19). Instead of ac...

EP009: Caffeinated Inspiration - Divorcing Yourself and Overcoming Fear

May 13 • 55:44

In this episode your host, Christina Riley Zoom interviews Angela Van Zandt about the topic of Divorcing Self and Fear from a Christian perspective. In this social distant interview, they share stories and lessons learned about dealing with fear and how to get yourself out of your own way to achieve greater potentials. In this discussion they also talk about how to trust G...

EP008: Caffeinated Inspiration - Finding Peace In Your New Normal

Apr 30 • 31:12

In this episode your host, Christina Riley Zoom Interviews her very good friend, Aimée Swickey over a nice cup of coffee and tea about finding peace in the new normal during Quarantine. Aimée is an essential worker at a local hospital in Oklahoma City. She also is a co-business owner of "Community Hope Growers", wife and mother of two kids along with having many years of f...

EP007: Caffeinated Inspiration - No Fear In Love

Mar 27 • 39:31

In this episode Christina Riley hands over the mic to her good friend, film maker and the pastor of McCurtain Free Will Baptist Church, Travis Palmer. To share an inspiring and encouraging message about how we as Christians can respond to the Corona Virus (COVID 19) and how we can make wise decisions along with learning how to reject fear and anxiety as we love God and lov...

EP006: Caffeinated Inspiration - Christina's Back Story and Vision

Mar 24 • 17:43

In this episode your host, Christina Riley from Studiobeanhead shares some fun memories of some of her favorite moments gathering around a cup of coffee. She opens up about her background and how she started her marketing business after quitting her career in the oil and gas industry in 2015. She shares some of her intimate thoughts and personal lessons that she learned in...

EP005: Caffeinated Inspiration - Write The Vision Down

Mar 23 • 04:21

In this episode your host, Christina Riley will share a personal short story that she discovered as a life lesson while self reflecting once stumbling across an old napkin with some scribbles on it while cleaning out a junk drawer. This episode will illustrate a just how important it is to write down your vision so that you can look at it and run with it. This is a living ...

EP004: Caffeinated Inspiration - Overcoming Negative Working Environments

Mar 18 • 19:54

Host, Christina Riley interviews her good friend from when they both used to work in the oil and gas industry together; Six Sigma Black Belt, Mechanical Design and Electrical Engineer, Ed Van Zandt. Discussing the topic; "Overcoming negative and toxic work environments and situations" over coffee and tea from a Christian perspective. In this episode, we will get real in di...

EP003: Caffeinated Inspiration - New Perspective After Beating Cancer

Mar 13 • 40:19

In this episode your host Christina Riley interviews her older sister Amy Sampson about her new perspective after beating and overcoming cancer. It's been a journey for Amy and the family. In this raw interview over coffee we will discuss the struggles that lead up to the birth of a beautiful new perspective, along with sharing some tips and tricks Amy learned in therapy t...

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