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Bygones is the Ally McBeal rewatch podcast, where we watch each episode through 2019 eyes

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4.06: A Grinch Sun But A Christmas Rising

Nov 24 • 01:20:01

Oh, Larry. This episode Ally discovers the sad secret as to why he hates Christmas. Join us as we discuss blowing Big Santa wide open, John's questionable rock n roll wooing technique and of course, the heartbreak that is RDJ sitting at a lonely piano singing Joni Mitchell covers on S4E6: 'Tis The Season. *sobs into some tinsel*...

4.05: Stop Giving Men Jobs

Nov 3 • 01:25:36

Kimmy is BACK but this time she's not suing Ally, but her old firm. Turns out Kimmy is l'il too prudey for those dudies! Meanwhile we think it's about this point when everyone is shipping Ally and Larry, EVEN THOUGH she is having an unnatural level of stress over their first kiss, cos they are just too frickin cute. Today we're discussing S4E5: The Last Virgin....

4.04: Transphobic Sludge

Oct 13 • 01:40:29
🚨Content Warning: If it wasn't clear from the episode title, yes, there's a transphobic storyline in the show that continues in this episode. Feel free to skip if you're not up to having to hear about that, we wish we could!

Ding Ding, it's Ally vs Kimmy as Ally is a bitch and Kimmy sues! Meanwhile, Nelle dates Larry, Ally dates a father and son but secretly still wants L...

4.03: A Cult For Internalised Misogyny

Sep 22 • 01:50:25
🚨Content Warning: Sadly the transphobic storyline from last episode, continues in this episode. Feel free to skip if you're not up to having to hear about that.
Ally's Carrie Bradshaw VoiceOver™️ is BACK as she dates a father AND a son, and hosts a Cage/Fish gals sleepover! Oh, and Richard continues to be an absolute jerk to Mark and Cindy and unfortunately we have to wit...

4.02: Husband Hunting Club

Sep 1 • 01:43:14
🚨Content Warning: Unfortunately there is quite a lot of transphobia to discuss in this episode BOOOO
Feminism owes Ally McBeal so much, because in this episode Ally has just plain HAD IT with the fact that nobody cares about women's interests at Cage & Fish and has decided to do something about it. So she sets up a Women's Bar Association to help the ladies of the firm cl...

4.01: Our Saviour RDJ

Aug 11 • 01:41:39
Ally's boyfriend Brian has asked her to move in with him! Hooray! A MAN! It's everything Ally has ever wanted!! Let's celebrate! Right?! WRONG! Ally runs immediately to therapy, and finds no Tracey (😭) but instead a Larry Paul (🥵). But he's a lawyer not a therapist... OH NO! However will she cope?! Knowing Ally, badly. Yep it's a new season, a new love interest and WE AR...

0.12 The Day You Thought Would Never Come

Aug 4 • 06:04

Er, hi, remember us?!?! We're coming back baby! Here's what to expect from Bygones S4 now that it has its very own real life dancing baby to contend with. Thanks for being patient - we love you all!!...

0.11: NOONE Wants To Be Ally McBeal! (Mailbag Vol. 4)

Jan 20 • 01:28:07

Knock Knock! Yep it's your friendly office mailwoman here with ALL OUR LISTENERS THOUGHTS AND QUESTIONS on Season 3! And we are here to answer them for you! PLUS... the FINAL Season 3 Verdict of the Week Leaderboard results!...

0.10: David E. Kelley, We Need Answers (Season 3 Wrap-Up)

Jan 6 • 02:02:05

Hoorah! We've survived car sex, computer sex, grief and espionage to make it to the end of Season 3! As is tradition, we're taking a look back at the season as a whole, talking about our highs and lows (oh man, the lows)... not forgetting to crown the winner of the Verdict of the Week Leaderboard, before putting it to bed ready fresh for Season 4! This is our Season 3 Wrap...

0.09: A Festive Treat For Your Ears (Bloopers Vol. 3)

Dec 23 • 14:15

Guys.... 2020.. what a TIME! We know this probably isn't the Christmas many of you had hoped for - but we hope we make your festive time a little more bright with a li'l bite-sized bloopers ep to tide you over until our Season 3 wrap-up in January....

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