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Business of Software is a place that brings together the brightest minds and greatest practitioners in software into one place. World-Class software leaders such as Joel Spolsky, Gail Goodman, Seth Godin, DHH, Dharmesh Shah, & Kathy Sierra come to teach everything except the code in how to scaleRead more

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Ep 76 Continuous Discovery Habits (with Teresa Torres and Mark Littlewood)

Jul 20 • 40:33

Ep 75 Harnessing Culture & Using Data To Build Value For Your Business (with Sarah McVittie)

Jul 13 • 29:26

In this talk from BoS Europe 2019, Sarah discusses why Dressipi started as a B2C play but the data it collected on customers has a much higher value to fashion retailers as it enables them to forecast demand more effectively and reduce their unsold inventory. You will leave with ideas to stimulate creative, data-driven, approaches to problem solving and how you can harness...

Ep 74 Creating early warning scenarios & thinking about the future (with Rita McGrath)

Jul 6 • 44:59

What is the world of tomorrow going to look like? They say to find out what life is like in 20 years time, ask a current 10 year old as they are the future and what matters to them may not be the same as what matters to current adults....

Ep 73 The Developer’s Guide To Running Sales Teams (with Jeff Szczepanski)

Jun 29 • 01:01:36

Jeff ‘Tall Jeff’ Szczepanski from Stack Exchange delivers a talk on his experiences of what happens when you think about and manage sales like you would manage a great development team....

Ep 72 Iterating less and achieving more (with Radhika Dutt)

Jun 22 • 43:24

In this talk from BoS Conf Online, Radhika talks about where iteration goes wrong, Methodologies such as Lean and Agile have democratized innovation by teaching us to harness the power of iteration to innovate faster, but our ability to set a clear destination hasn't kept up with the pace. When we iterate without a clear vision or strategy, our products become bloated, fra...

Ep 71 Hard Wiring Sales into your Organisation (with Paul Kenny)

Jun 15 • 01:00:53

Having a dialogue with your customer is worth so much more to you and your business than anything else; and the most important thing that you need to know is how to work out what your sales proposition is, what your story is. ...

Ep 70 Simplicity vs Value in Software Development (with Joel Spolsky)

Jun 8 • 53:01

Fly in the face of what is often perceived as wise strategy and hear how building new features does add value to your product with Stack Overflow Founder Joel Spolsky....

Things Great Software Companies Do That You Don’t Have To (with Rob Castaneda)

Jun 1 • 48:16

What works for one company might not work for another; but other peoples mistakes are worth taking note of....

Ep 68 Building software ecosystems (with Service Rocket's Peter Marquez & Bill Cushard)

May 25 • 47:19

Software companies are often torn between meeting customer needs and product velocity. A well-designed ecosystem allows you to do both. Companies with flourishing ecosystems have several competitive advantages – moats, product development, customer advocates and more. Building and maintaining an ecosystem requires a clear plan and a systematic approach. Knowing where to be...

Ep 67 Nine ways to stop hurting and start helping women in Tech (with Brianna Wu)

May 18 • 59:23

Brianna Wu is head of development at Giant Spacekat, a company specialising in cinematic experiences using the Unreal Engine. She’s known as a frequent speaker on women in tech issues, and is an advocate for increased diversity in the games industry. In this talk from BoS USA, Brianna looks at what we can do to start helping women in tech....

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