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The Business of Biotech is the pod dedicated to leaders of emerging biopharma firms. We bring you insight into organizational, finance and funding, HR, clinical, manufacturing, and regulatory challenges you’ll face as you navigate your company from an idea to success in the clinic. Each episodeRead more

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Democratizing Biologics With Lumen Bioscience's Brian Finrow, J.D. & Craig Behnke, Ph.D.

Nov 29 • 49:49

Making powerful and curative biologic therapies accessible to patients from all walks of life, and all corners of the globe, requires radically innovative thinking. On this episode of the Business of Biotech, Lumen Bioscience's Co-Founder and CEO Brian Finrow, J.D. and EVP of Production/Development Craig Behnke, Ph.D. discuss a novel approach: developing therapeutic protei...

Cornering The Antibody Market With Akesobio CEO Dr. Michelle Xia, Ph.D.

Nov 22 • 48:26

In business for just a decade, Akesobio's stats are mindboggling: 20 drug development programs, including 12 antibodies in clinical-stage development, six bi-specific antibodies (two at clinical stage),  four antibodies with IND approvals from the FDA, and 22 clinical trials initiated. The company's CEO, Michelle Xia, Ph.D., sat down with the Business of Biotech for a conv...

Turning The Liver Into A mAb Factory With Homology's Arthur Tzianabos, Ph.D.

Nov 15 • 50:12

Homology Medicines' approaches to gene therapy and gene editing have the potential to seriously disrupt both the cell/gene therapy space and the mAb manufacturing and administration paradigms as we know them. On this episode of the Business of Biotech, Homology President & CEO Arthur Tzianabos, Ph.D. shares the company's approach and supports its rationale for investing in...

Maximizing mRNA With Precision Nanosystems' James Taylor, Ph.D.

Nov 8 • 41:38

Dr. James Taylor believes that genomic medicine will prove the most revolutionary thing the life sciences industries have ever seen, and that it will ultimately become the largest therapeutic class. Dr. Taylor is president an CEO at Precision Nanosystems. He chalks up the genomic nature of biology, the fact that genomes are information-based,  the breadth and validation of...

Foundations Of Flexible Manufacturing With Sarepta Therapeutics' Brian Winstead

Nov 1 • 55:06

Is "flexible manufacturing" just another empty buzz concept concocted by the biopharma equipment marketing community, or does it demonstrate real benefit to bioprocess pros and their companies? On this episode, we sit down with Sarepta Therapeutics Director of Pharmaceutical Engineering Brian Winstead and Project Farma VP Tony Khoury to discuss what flexible manufacturing ...

The CDMO Capacity Crunch With Discovery Labs' Audrey Greenberg and Iovance Biotherapeutics' Sumit Verma

Oct 25 • 48:03

While nary a day goes by without a shovel breaking ground on a new CDMO buildout, biopharmas remain hard-pressed to secure the outsourced manufacturing space and expertise needed to meet timelines, satisfy investors, and drive competitive advantage. On this episode of the Business of Biotech, we're tackling the CDMO capacity crunch from every angle in a spirited discussion...

The Clinical Trials Conundrum with Allan Shaw

Oct 18 • 37:03

CMC Developability Assessments For Rapid Ph.1 Entry with AltruBio's Gene Lee, Ph.D.

Oct 11 • 36:25

Fresh on the heels of an outstanding talk with AltruBio President & CEO Judy Chou, Ph.D., the company's VP of Technology Development, Gene Lee, Ph.D., joins the Business of Biotech for a deep dive into the importance of CMC developability assessments. On this episode we cover the key points CMC developability assessments must address, when to begin them, how to go about th...

CDMO With A Pipeline with Forge Biologics President & CEO Dr. Timothy J. Miller

Oct 4 • 35:29

Inspired to develop a treatment for Infantile Krabbe Disease, the founders of Forge Biologics picked a unique but strategic approach to funding the initiative. They built a CDMO that aims to become one of the largest on the planet in the cell and gene therapy space. On this week's episode of the Business of Biotech podcast, co-founder, President, & CEO Timothy J. Miller, P...

Building A DNA Delivery System With Poseida Tx CEO Eric Ostertag, M.D., Ph.D.

Sep 27 • 45:21

Eric Ostertag, M.D., Ph.D., wanted to launch a biotech. When University of Pennsylvania department heads said no to a licensing deal for lack of a CEO, Dr. Ostertag convinced them he could run the company. Many bold moves later, Dr. Ostertag is founder and CEO at Poseida Therapeutics, a company that's doing things never seen before in the field of CAR T-cell and gene thera...

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