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Welcome to the podcast that takes the mystery of growing your business. — Past guests include Matthew McConaughey, Seth Godin, Rachel Hollis, Patrick Lencioni, Daymond John, Ken Blanchard, Mel Robbins, Dave Ramsey, Scott Hamilton, Auntie Anne, Charles Duhigg, Daniel Pink,Read more

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Marketing Made Simple #6: Customers Never Trust a Guide Without a Plan

Jul 28 • 05:31

You should always begin your customer's story by identifying what they want then define their problem to spark interest in how you can help them overcome that problem. Next, reveal yourself as their guide by expressing empathy and demonstrating authority. Now is the time to ask your customer for a commitment to buy your product however that won’t happen unless you have a c...

#30: John Maxwell—The Proven Steps You Need to Create Change

Jul 26 • 30:50

We live in a time filled with conflict and uncertainty, feeling like we're stuck watching from the sidelines ready to give up. But even as we are constantly bombarded by our news and social feeds, there is are proven steps you can follow allowing you to plant the seeds of transformation to create change within your business, community and even your world. Today John Maxwel...

Marketing Made Simple #5: Your Customers Are Looking for a Guide, Not a Hero

Jul 21 • 03:31

Many businesses feel like they have something to prove and position themselves as the hero in their story. But customers aren't looking for another hero, they're looking for a guide! When you position yourself as the guide, showing customers exactly how your product can fix their problems and transform them into the hero, you're destined to win!...

#29: Frank Calderoni—Why Downplaying the Importance of Character-Led Culture Will Cost You

Jul 19 • 23:21

The character of your business is a critical driver of sustained success. Without character, there is no trust. So if your customers are reluctant to commit to buying your products or your team members are constantly at odds, you definitely need to listen to this episode! We're joined by Frank Calderoni, CEO of Anaplan (a cloud-based business planning software company) and...

Marketing Made Simple #4: What Specific Problem Do You Solve For Customers?

Jul 14 • 23:37

Can you name the specific problem your business solves for your customers? Identifying your customers' problem deepens their interest in the story you invite them in and shows you truly understand them. It’s the “hook” of your story, but without it, your customers have no reason to engage with your brand causing your story to fall flat....

#28: David Eagleman—Break Free of Your Soul-Sucking Routine

Jul 12 • 18:59

Sometimes it can feel like you’re constantly stuck in the same soul-sucking routine day after day, like a hamster in a wheel. And even if it's not draining all your energy, it can still be mentally exhausting. That is exactly why we invited David Eagleman to the podcast! David is a neuroscientist and best-selling author of the Pulitzer nominated Livewired: The Story of the...

Marketing Made Simple #3: Discover What Your Customer Really Wants

Jul 7 • 21:07

As a brand, you must define what your customer wants. As soon as you define that, a story question forms in their mind: Can this brand really help me get what I want? Without this, the customer has very little interest in the story....

#27: Juliet Funt—Reclaim Your Focus and Productivity

Jul 5 • 33:30

Have a minute? If you’re like most business leaders today, the answer is probably no. But you need open windows of time during the day in order to thrive, especially if you’re growing a business. On this episode special guest Juliet Funt, author of A Minute To Think, shows you how to find moments of "white space", or strategic pauses, throughout your day to eliminate mindl...

Marketing Made Simple #2: Invite Your Customers Into a Beautiful Story

Jun 30 • 21:24

In every great story, the main character goes on a journey and by the end she transforms from zero to hero. This is called identity transformation. The same is true for your marketing. When you participate in your customer's identity transformation you are going to win! ...

#26: Josh Linkner—Five Strategies for Escaping a Creative Rut

Jun 28 • 25:09

Running a business, you constantly run into challenges that need creative solutions. But what happens when you've hit a creative rut and time is ticking? This episode's special guest Josh Linkner, author of Big Little Breakthroughs, shows you exactly how to reclaim your creativity using five brainstorming techniques to help solve your trickiest problems and unlock your big...

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