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The Business Lab is a sponsored podcast produced by Insights, the custom content division of MIT Technology Review. The Business Lab podcast features a 30-minute conversation with either an executive from the sponsor partner or a technologist with expertise in a relevant technology area. TheRead more

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‘Security is Everyone’s Job’ in the Workplace

Nov 22 • 26:01

Hackers around the globe are smart: they know that it isn’t just good code that helps them break into systems; it’s also about understanding—and preying upon—human behavior. The threat to businesses in the form of cyberattacks is only growing—especially as companies make the shift to embrace hybrid work....

Engineering the Future of Mobility

Nov 17 • 35:42

From cars to planes, the future of transportation is already here—and is changing rapidly. Software engineering is increasingly central to both the development and maintenance of all kinds of vehicles. That means more people need to start thinking like systems engineers. Dale Tutt, vice president of aerospace and defense industry for Siemens Software, says this means compa...

Accelerating Development in Aerospace for More Urban Mobility

Nov 16 • 28:12

The next wave of aerospace is just around the corner, and a lot of that innovation is happening thanks to new, faster methods of development....

Digital Transformation is Changing Banking from the Inside Out

Nov 15 • 25:27

Companies across all industries are faced with the urgent need to transform the way they do business, including financial services, but changes abound with governance, security, and culture. A shift in mindset and perspective away from “the way things have always been done” is key to a successful digital transformation and to providing the frictionless customer experience ...

Cryptocurrency Isn't Private -- But With Know-How, It Could Be

Oct 28 • 25:09

There’s probably no such thing as perfect privacy and security online. Hackers regularly breach corporate firewalls to gain customers’ private information, and scammers constantly strive to trick us into divulging our passwords. But existing tools can provide a high level of privacy—if we use them correctly, says Mashael Al Sabah, a cybersecurity researcher at the Qatar Co...

Robo-taxis are Headed for a Street Near You

Oct 25 • 33:15

In the coming years, mobility solutions—or how we get from point A to point B—will bridge the gap between ground and air transportation—yes, that means flying cars. Technological advancements are transforming mobility for people and, leading to unprecedented change. Nand Kochhar, vice president of automotive and transportation for Siemens Software says this transformation ...

Machine Learning in the Cloud is Helping Businesses Innovate

Oct 19 • 31:59

In the past decade, machine learning has become a familiar technology for improving the efficiency and accuracy of processes like recommendations, supply chain forecasting, developing chatbots, image and text search, and automated customer service functions, to name a few. Machine learning today is becoming even more pervasive, impacting every market segment and industry, ...

Creating a Better Human Experience at Work Starts with Trust

Oct 5 • 27:07

What if managers and leaders at companies focused on a new goal: to elevate the human experience?...

A Customer-Centric Approach is Key in a Post-Pandemic World

Sep 9 • 37:58

Quoting John Lennon, Bill Kanarick describes the tectonic industry shifts brought on by the pandemic: “There are decades where nothing happens, and there are weeks where decades happen.” After months of hunkering down at home, consumers got used to online shopping, telehealth doctor’s appointments and contactless and curbside pickup, effectively doubling e-commerce sales i...

A New Age of Data Means Embracing the Edge

Aug 16 • 33:11

Artificial intelligence holds an enormous promise, but to be effective, it must learn from massive sets of data—and the more diverse the better. By learning patterns, AI tools can uncover insights and help decision-making not just in technology, but also pharmaceuticals, medicine, manufacturing, and more. However, data can’t always be shared—whether it’s personally identif...

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