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Burn Fat With Your Brain with Maggie Sterling

Health-and-fitness • Education

The Burn Fat With Your Brain podcast is your go-to resource for weight loss mindset and all-around life advice. Through this podcast, you will hear Maggie and Ryan discuss the ups and downs of losing weight, how to manage the things your brain tells you that aren't aligned with your goals, andRead more

Popular episodes

107 - Why Routines Are Great for Weightloss

Nov 26 • 22:19

We invite you to take messy, sloppy action towards habits that you want to integrate for your weight loss goals. We’re showing you why your routines might be falling apart, how we’ve decided what routines serve us, and why you can’t rely on motivation to move the needle....

106 - How to Not Gain Weight Over the Holidays

Nov 19 • 25:21

We show you how to not turn on yourself and gain unwanted weight over the holidays. We’re inviting you to get honest with yourself about what the holidays actually mean, how long it spans for, and offering tips for how to not get caught in the fog of the holidays so you can actually enjoy how you feel heading into the New Year. ...

105 - You Don’t Have to Be Perfect to Lose Weight

Nov 12 • 25:25

We outline the perfectionistic diet mentality that sets you up for disaster, and why staying stuck in this mindset will work against you every single time. I’m sharing the secret to my food freedom, and the truth about the language you might subconsciously be using around what it means to be perfect. ...

104 - Common Weight Loss Questions

Nov 5 • 31:31

Whether you feel like you’re doing everything right and the scale still isn’t budging, exercise feels horrible, or you want to know how much food you need to be eating for weight loss, all our answers are right here. We’re sharing our top tips for how to best take care of yourself on your weight loss journey, and we’re also inviting you to keep an eye out for any resistanc...

103 - Mental Health for Weight Loss - My Brain Scan Review

Oct 29 • 24:50

I share a review of my brain scan at Amen Clinics, and why it felt like the right choice for me. The findings have helped me build a lifestyle that balances everything that’s important to me, and although that will look different for everyone, we hope this inspires you to find what helps you show up with energy and love for what you’re doing. ...

102 - What to Do When You Can’t Figure Out Weight Loss

Oct 22 • 28:39

We show you how getting caught up in confusion can be so detrimental, and what you can do when you just can’t figure it out. You don’t have to take drastic measures to get unstuck, and instead, we’re sharing our best recommendations for making smart decisions that move you forward....

101 - How to Lose Weight the Easy and Hard Way

Oct 15 • 27:33

If you find yourself struggling on your weight loss journey and don’t know why this is happening or where to start to begin making the process easier, listen in this week. We’re helping you recognize what might be going on, identify where you’re making it unnecessarily hard, and how we’ve made it easier for ourselves. ...

100 - Why the Name Change? Reflecting on 100 Episodes (& a Giveaway)

Oct 8 • 32:05

We discuss the name change and how our views have evolved over the last 100 episodes. We’re reflecting on how far we’ve come on our own journeys, what it really takes to de-condition the diet brain, and why it’s not about how many carbs you eat when it comes to sustainably losing weight....

99 - How to Eat Carbs and Lose Weight

Oct 1 • 29:48

We show you how to begin de-conditioning your carb phobia. The trauma so many keto dieters experience manifests in the extreme fear of carbs and sugar, but you can have the confidence to eat what you want without feeling like it’s going to completely derail you, and we’re showing you how this week. ...

60 Pounds Down, Losing The Last 10, Solidifying Your Reasons and Hunger Cues (Coaching Monika)

Sep 29 • 34:42

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