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Prioritization with Productboard's Srinivas Krishnamurti

Jul 16 • 42:36

Prioritization is one of the hardest things that a PM has to do. Whether it's balancing inputs from a million stakeholders, figuring out how to hedge a series of bets, or making sure there's time to tackle that debt that you know you've got to deal with, it's never as simple to prioritize work as it seems. So in today's episode, Maggie talks with Srinivas Krishnamurti, SVP...

Product Manager vs. Chief of Staff with Drift's Terrance Rogers

Jun 18 • 45:04

What is a chief of staff, why is the role so popular, and is it a better launchpad for a career in tech than product management? In today's episode, Maggie talks with Drift's own Chief of Staff, Terrance Rogers, about the role, the chief of staff career path, common myths, and why it's gaining in popularity. Thinking about whether to go into product or take a chief of staf...

Staying Motivated in Product

Jun 4 • 07:03

As a product manager or product leader you have to be able to see a future in which your team has solved problems for users, because only once you’ve seen that future can you work backwards to figure out how to get there. Then, you have to be able to motivate your team and get them to buy into that vision for the future. To do that you’re going to need creative energy and ...

Building in a Crowded Market with Undock's Nash Ahmed

May 21 • 30:03

An ongoing debate in product is whether or how much to pay attention to the competition, which gets even more tricky when the space that you're building in is extremely crowded. In this episode, Maggie talks with Nash Ahmed, Founder and CEO of Undock, about what it's like to build a company in a space as crowded as calendaring. Nash shares the role of brand, how to go up a...

How to Negotiate a Job Offer with Linda Zhang

May 7 • 31:42

Thinking about a new job? Don't make the mistake of prepping for just the interview: to get the best possible outcome you also need to prep for the negotiation. In this episode, Maggie spoke with Linda Zhang, former Group PM turned founder and the author of an article about how she negotiated, then walked away from, a massive PM offer at Facebook. Linda shares her negotiat...

Good Product Management Explained, with GoodRx's Ravi Dev

Apr 23 • 30:53

Ever heard that the product manager role is different company to company? One big difference can be identified with one question: is your job as a PM to manage a backlog? In this episode, Maggie talks with Ravi Dev, SVP Product at GoodRx, about the PM role, A/B testing, backlog management, and why none of that is really the job that the best product managers are doing. ...

One Quick Lesson About (Over) Relying on Data

Apr 9 • 06:04

In this episode, Maggie shares a cautionary tale about what can happen when you rely on data too much and lose sight of what your customers have to say. This lesson is part of a talk that Maggie is giving at the Women in Product conference this year, so you’ll have to check that out in May to hear the rest!...

What Comes After Strategy with Benchling's Jon Fan

Mar 26 • 33:54

Putting together a strategy isn't even half the battle for product leaders. The real challenge is how you put together a plan and actually execute on that strategy. To learn more, Maggie talked with Jon Fan, the VP of Product at Benchling, about how to do strategic planning well. They get into how to treat your planning process like a product, stack ranking, and why there ...

Back to Basics: Ravneet Uberoi on How to Work with Engineering

Mar 12 • 18:21

It's easy to forget that building really great products is a team sport: the best product managers know how to work with their engineering and design counterparts to move their businesses forward. In this episode, Ravneet Uberoi, a Group PM at Box, joins Maggie to share her advice on how to build strong relationships with engineering plus the best career advice she's ever ...

Seven Questions for Better Prioritization

Feb 26 • 07:56

Think that the secret to prioritization is a better formula for weighing features against each other? Think again! According to Maggie, prioritization cannot be done with a formula. Instead, it starts and ends with the why. Looking for a quick framework for how to set yourself and your team up for better prioritization? This episode is for you....

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