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Less like a podcast and more like brunch with your girlfriends, the Brunch and Slay podcast inspires every Tuesday! Host, Ameerah Saine, chats with women who are disrupting their respective fields - from CEOs to health gurus, filmmakers, consultants, this podcast is full of successes, fails,Read more

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214. It's So Hard to Say Goodbye with Ameerah Saine

Aug 3 • 16:06
2021 is all about moving forward.

It’s with an upbeat, wholehearted spirit that we say goodbye to our beloved Brunch and Slay podcast.

After an amazing 215 episodes, we feel ready and inspired to level up to new things.

On this week’s final episode, Ameerah takes the stage to talk about her decision to discontinue the show, what she’s planning next, and all the valuable lesso...

213. Popping Bottles with Tawnya Falkner

Jul 27 • 36:42
Le Grand Courtâge queen, Tawnya Falkner, is joining us on this week’s episode of Brunch and Slay and she’s all about that champagne state of mind!

Tawnya is not only an expert in the bubbly, she’s an expert in turning dreams into reality.

Having begun her career as an architect and real estate developer, Tawnya made a huge leap of faith by leaning into her love for food and ...

212. Halfway there with Ameerah Saine

Jul 20 • 18:39
On this week’s Brunch and Slay episode, we’re doing some major reflecting.

Ameerah brings us up to date on her career and life goals, all while dropping some wisdom about what happens when we learn to let go and trust the process.

She discusses…

Stretching goals
Relationship-building v. Networking
Not worrying about the “How”

If you’re interested in stories about allowing the un...

211. Eat to Live with Hollan Hawaii

Jul 13 • 36:47
Veganism is easy. is with plant-based food expert and author, Hollan Hawaii.

Hollan is our go-to ladyboss when it comes to simplifying and thriving off a completely vegan diet.

In this week’s episode, we discuss the joy of food—how it brings us together, transforms our health, and enables us to live our best lives.

You’ll learn about…

Hollan’s transition to veganism

210. Fulfilled and Beyond with Carolin Soldo

Jul 6 • 28:52
Carolin Soldo is helping people to live a beyond fulfilled life. Encouraging her clients to never settle for anything less than what they truly want, she has empowered and equipped people around the world with tools to push themselves and achieve their fullest lives.

On this week’s episode, Ameerah sits down with Carolin to talk about what brought her to creating the Beyond...

209. Get Booked and Stay Booked with Leisa Reid

Jun 29 • 34:03
If you’re a speaker or expert of any kind, you will get a lot out of this week’s episode.

Leisa Reid joins us to teach you how to monetize and leverage your expertise to amplify your unique voice and make a true, lasting impact on the world.

Ameerah sits down with Leisa, a professional speaker and founder of Get Speaking Gigs to discuss her personal journey and the must-have...

208. Take Charge of your Coins with Amanda Holden

Jun 22 • 38:47
If you feel overwhelmed by investing and don’t know where to start, you’re not alone!

On the latest Brunch and Slay episode, investment expert, speaker, and writer, Amanda Holden, joins us to share her personal journey and give us the low-down on beginning investing.

In this information-packed episode, Amanda dives straight into

Making investment information accessible
The nat...

207. Build Your Profit Producing Business with Vanessa Zamy

Jun 15 • 34:05
Vanessa Zamy is a profit-producing consultant, enabling her clients to live in true fulfillment.

By guiding and supporting solopreneurs on their journey to pursue their businesses full time, Vanessa keeps the necessary world of entrepreneurial innovation alive and thriving.

On this week’s episode, Ameerah and Vanessa talk

Side hustle vs. hobby
Mindset shifts
Purpose-driven busi...

206. Up Next For Brunch and Slay

Jun 8 • 08:02
Some big changes are on the horizon for the Brunch and Slay community.

On this week’s episode, Ameerah reveals big plans to revolutionize the brand and expand in a variety of new, exciting, and fun directions!

If you’re interested in the rebranding process, pivoting, and taking chances, then this is the episode for you.

We are so excited to share our big news with you.

Listen ...

205. When Pressure Cooks with Sukaina Bharwani

Jun 1 • 32:15
Sukaina Bharwani is pressure cooking her way to holistic wellness.

A steadfast believer in optimum health and practitioner of holistic nutrition, Sukaina offers a multitude of resources to start living your best life.

In this episode, Ameerah and Sukaina discuss:

-Finding patience with your faults
-Pressure cooking nutritious meals
-Identifying gluten intolerance
-Building gut h...

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