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Bruh Issa Murder

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Bruh Issa Murder is a podcast covering true crime cases of color. With a diverse group of true crime nerds, we detail and provide commentary on cases of color and play Music from a little-known artist at the end of each episode. Join Andre, Battle, Kelly, and Robert as the gang dives deep intoRead more

Popular episodes

Travis Scott And The Big Ole Satan FT Della

Dec 1 • 19:51

This Bonus episode is about the Astrowolrd tragedy along the wild and inappropriate conspiracy theories that have followed it. Like bro, what satan got to do with this frfr?...

Track 13: Za'Zell Preston FT Freddy Vs

Nov 9 • 21:17

It's the season finale! The gang is joined by the host of Twisted Mirror, Auther Nina jones, who helps us bring to life the tragic case of Za'Zell Preston, who was murdered by her husband and propped up on the family couch on Christmas. ...

Black Serial Killers 2: Baasik

Nov 2 • 01:03:50

In this episode, the gang tackles another round of serial Killers! Robert talks about the Lexington terrace boys; Kelly talks about the cannibal killer Swift runner, Battle Covers, the walking horror Miacheal Hughs. Andre tells the tale of a serial rapist and murder with a rumor over 100 assaults Brandon Tholmer. ...

Track: 11 Black Serial Killers

Oct 19 • 01:06:04

This episode the gang dives deep into the tales if unknown black serial killers which unsurprisingly start some good conversations....

Track 10: Real Hot Witch Shit ft Sarah Angel

Oct 12 • 57:38

In this Halloween episode, the gang gets real witchy with it for the spooky season. Andre and Robert start light and talk about claims, Twitter fights, threats, spiritual assaults, and even lawsuits against Beyonce and Azealia banks. Are they witches or Nah? Kelly Covers the Jamaican Folklore of the White witch, the horrors she committed on her slaves, and the real woman b...

Line The Pipeline

Oct 4 • 38:13

In this Bonus Episode, Battle and Kelly tackle the Line three pipeline and the protest surrendering it. They dig into it from environmental racism to uplifting indigenous voices and listening to issues surrendering their land....

Track 9: The Vanished FT Dimitrix

Sep 21 • 53:16

This episode join the gang as we cover those of us who have vanished. Battle details some facts, and figures like a boss babe, Kelly dives into the case of Bison Dele, Andre covers Daniel Robinson and the questions around his disappearance, and Robert talks about what really happen and the conspiracies around the Surfside condominium collapse....

Track 8: Crusty, Dusty, Musty, History: Basic

Sep 7 • 44:25

History can be crusty as hell, and in this episode, we are getting into the nitty-gritty of it! Andre talks about the devil's punch bowl and the remains of over 20,000 slaves found there, Kelly covers the bombing of Philadelphia, and Robert talks about missing Native American children....

Track: 7 Unsolved Ft Saint Mesa

Aug 24 • 49:48

This episode is all about unsolved cases and boy we got tea to spill. Battle gives an update us on the Alzono Brooks cases, Andre covers the previous unsolved case of Liam Husted and the update, Kelly dives deep into the story of Lisa Au and Robert updates on wtf went done at the Ronako colony. ...

Track 6: Scammer Or Kidnapper Ft LightsBoys

Aug 10 • 18:49

This is a Bonus Track from our patreon where you can support the show. Early this year a young black trans women went missing  and a  video surfaced online of her in a dark room pleading for help and to be  found. With black trans women being  subjected to increase violence twitter went into a frenzy to find her. Turns out she and her roommate were actually lying and scamm...

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