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Broken Millennials


Broken Millennials - podcast series with Eva Haishun and Dasha Ovsiannikova, where we, along with our guests, discuss relevant topics and share experiences. Divided into three blocks, we explore Creativity, Human Rights, and Science. Together with our listeners, we discover the insights of mostRead more

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Journalism in the New Era

Sep 14 • 24:54

In the past few months, the lives of all of us had been shifted towards online communication, whether we like it or not. In the new episode of the Broken Millennials, we are inviting an expert in journalism Andriy Pylypenko to help us identify the trends in modern media....

Domestic Violence

May 28 • 53:43

Circumstances call for a slight change of format, and it is exactly what we did in the new episode of Broken Millennials. In the past few months of Covid lockdown, the amount and severity of domestic violence have reached a crucial and dangerous point. We believe that by shedding light on this extremely important and overlooked issue, we could make a small contribution tow...

Illustration as a way of cognition

May 14 • 01:30:10

As so many other people, in your childhood your teacher or parent might have classified you as a "visionary" or "auditory" learner. But guess what - it's not all that easy! Today we are discussing the visual perception of information, and helping with that will be our new guests: illustrators and cartoonists from all around the world. ...

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Cooking, inspiration, and social bonds with US chefs

May 1 • 01:17:17

Today we are bringing something new to the table (quite literally) - we are talking about food. From the artistic value of recipe development to the specifics of cooking industry - we are discussing a whole range of topics featuring four guest-speakers: Alexandra Shytsman, Erin Jeanne McDowell, Jodi Moreno, and Lauren Shockey....

Learning and English with Jane Medina

Apr 19 • 01:04:01

How can language and literature be taught? Is there a special approach to those students for whom English is a second language? How is voicing your opinion different for the international teachers?...

Romanticism and Art with Courtney Yasmineh

Apr 13 • 57:38

Romanticism has been a daily part of our lives for many years, and, without even noticing it, we have shifted our perspective of reality based on the intellectual movement. In the episode, we talk a little about the origins of romanticism and discuss it is influence on the creators. It was a great pleasure to have Courtney Yasmineh as our first guest and to discuss art, cr...

Driving, quarantine, and recommendations

Apr 2 • 53:31

We have all been overwhelmed by the quarantine this far. Nevertheless, we try to incorporate a positive outlook on the situation and invent new ways of dealing with uncertainty. In this episode, we share the way we spend the days in the lockdown. We also share books and movie recommendations that we enjoyed recently. ...

Movies, coronavirus, and uncertainty

Apr 2 • 39:09

These days, it has been hard to deal with uncertainty. Both of us have struggled with it and attempted to accept the current situation just the way it is. Nevertheless, sometimes it gets hard, and therefore we try to encourage each other and our listeners to maintain a positive outlook on the issue and not get ourselves overwhelmed by this difficult state. In this episode,...

Disappointment, friendship, and the news

Mar 16 • 45:28

We have been struck by the most recent news and this episode is a reflection of the way we feel at the moment. The episode is not structured well and barely edited. However, it reflects the current state of our mind and the general atmosphere. We are pretty sure that in the nearest future, we will be able to find ways to deal with the issue and learn how to live in a diffe...

Music, childhood stories, and change

Mar 8 • 47:30

In this episode, we explore the topics related to music. We share some of our childhood stories and talk about music from the point of personal experience. Music means a lot to both of us, yet we look at it from a different viewpoint and perspective. We hope that you will like the episode and join the discussion!...

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