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Too Hot, Too Cold, Too Wet, Too Dry: This Year’s Extreme Weather Explained

Jul 22 • 23:59

This year, we've seen flooding on the east coast, wildfires on the west coast, and a late-winter snow storms in Texas that knocked out the power grid. So what's up with the weather? On today's show, Adam Sobel, professor at Columbia University, director of Columbia's Initiative on Extreme Weather and Climate, host of the podcast "Deep Convection" and author of Storm Surge:...

The Joint Chiefs Of Staff War-Gamed Against A Possible Trump Coup Attempt

Jul 21 • 23:05

We've learned a lot more about Trump's insurrection in the months since it happened. But we didn't know how far his military advisors went to avoid a constitutional crisis. On today's show, The Washington Post's White House senior Washington correspondentPhilip Ruckerand national investigative reporterCarol Leonnig, authors ofI Alone Can Fix It: Donald J. Trump's Catastrop...

How Bill Barr Is Seeking Distance From The “True Crazies” (Sort Of)

Jul 20 • 24:18

At some point after the election, AG Barr reversed course on Trump's 'Big Lie.' But how did his actions before the election enable the former president's behavior? On today's show, Elie Honig, CNN senior legal analyst and author of Hatchet Man: How Bill Barr Broke the Prosecutor's Code and Corrupted the Justice Department (HarperCollins, 2021) talks about his new book exam...

What Do The Cuba Protests Mean To Cuban-Americans

Jul 19 • 22:31

The anti-government protests in Cuba are sparking debates here in the US about the embargo and our icy diplomatic relationship with the island. How are Cuban-Americans thinking about it? Today, Dr. Andy S. Gomez, Retired Director of the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies and former Assistant Provost and Dean of International Studies of Cuban Studies at the Univ...

Jamaica Petitions The UK For Reparations For Slavery

Jul 16 • 18:13

In the 1600s, Britain used Jamaica as a hub of the transatlantic slave trade. Now, the Caribbean nation is taking steps to demand restitution. On today's show, Selwyn R. Cudjoe, professor of Africana Studies at Wellesley College and an expert in Caribbean literature and Caribbean intellectual history, discusses the reports that Jamaica plans to petition Britain for compens...

Will You Be Getting A Child Tax Credit, And How Should You Spend It?

Jul 15 • 18:02

Expanded child tax credits are expected to hit peoples' bank accounts in the next few weeks. So who's getting one, and what does the government hope the money gets spent on? On today's show, Michelle Singletary, personal finance columnist for The Washington Post and author of the new book What To Do With Your Money When Crisis Hits, breaks down what you need to know about ...

Why Texas Dems Fled The State To Protect Voting Rights

Jul 14 • 23:39

Some Democratic legislators in Texas have fled the state in an attempt to prevent sweeping changes to election law that would make it harder to vote. On today's show, Ari Berman, senior reporter at Mother Jones covering voting rights and author of Give Us the Ballot: The Modern Struggle for Voting Rights in America, recaps President Biden's major speech on voting rights wh...

What We Know About Haiti's Assassinated President, And What We Still Don't

Jul 13 • 21:27

Twenty-three former members of Colombia's military have been arrested as suspects in the assassination of Haiti's president, including one with former ties to U.S. law enforcement. On Today's Show, Catherine Porter, Toronto Bureau Chief for the New York Times and and author of the memoir A Girl Named Lovely (Simon & Schuster, 2019) about her experience in Haiti after the 2...

Biden's Plans For Vaccine Skeptics, And Withdrawing From Afghanistan

Jul 12 • 21:55

We check in on the Biden Administration. In particular, its missed vaccine benchmark, and a timeline for Afghan troop withdrawal. On today's show, Jonathan Lemire, White House reporter for the Associated Press and political analyst for MSNBC/NBC News, discusses the latest national political developments, including the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, Biden's vaccine goals...

Gun Crime Paradox: How Shootings Stem From Trying To Stay Safe

Jul 7 • 22:08

Gun violence is a tragic, complicated and confounding problem. What does the research say about why young men in particular pick up firearms. On today's show, Rachel Swaner, research director at the Center for Court Innovation; Elise White, deputy research director at the Center for Court Innovation; and Basaime Spate, community-based research coordinator at the Center for...

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