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Brews and Blasters: The Star Wars Party

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Welcome to the Star Wars party! Brews and Blasters is your chance to kick back and enjoy everything about that galaxy far, far away. From the prequels to the original trilogy to The Force Awakens, Rogue One, The Last Jedi and Solo, hosts Chris Salton and Joe Tavano sit down every week to do whatRead more

Popular episodes

281: A Trillion Star Wars Projects

Jan 1 • 33:46

280: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 16: The Rescue

Dec 31 • 01:06:46

279: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 15: The Believer

Dec 31 • 46:05

You know ya boys from Boston are major believers in The Believer! We believe this was one of the finest roles ever for Bill Burr, and a huge turning point for one masked man. The repercussions from this episode are going to be felt throughout the series, not the least of which is Boba Fett rearmed! It’s all about that matte paint, baby! The Star Wars party starts now! It’s...

278: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 14: The Tragedy

Dec 29 • 01:04:12

277: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 13: The Jedi

Dec 29 • 01:00:32

276: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 12: The Siege

Dec 7 • 38:22

275: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 11: The Heiress

Dec 7 • 50:50

So Chris wants a new pair of sneakers, Joe has a new crush and there’s a lot of talk about chowder. Oh yeah, we also discuss The Mandalorian Chapter 11: The Heiress and the major implications revealed with the live-action debut of Bo Katan! We also get a lot of stuff wrong about future predictions for season two, which is always fun. The Star Wars part starts now! It’s tim...

274: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian, Chapter 10: The Passenger

Nov 19 • 40:20

273: Blurrgs and Blasters: The Mandalorian Chapter 9: The Marshal

Nov 15 • 01:19:20

272: Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure Commentary

Aug 26 • 01:38:51

No way. No…Way. YES WAY, WARHEADS! We’ve been waiting to do this show for years, and it’s finally time. Strange things are afoot, friends, and we are about to watch one of our favorite movies ever, Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure. Come with us on this most unprecedented journey, don’t forget to wind your watch, and of course, say hello to the Princesses for us. It’s tim...

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