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On The DarkHorse Podcast, we will explore questions that matter, with tools that work. Weekly episodes of "The Evolutionary Lens" are co-hosted with Heather Heying, in which we use an evolutionary toolkit to reveal patterns in nature--including human nature. Other episodes will feature Bret hostingRead more
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Best Episodes

DarkHorse Podcast with Douglas Murray & Bret Weinstein: View from an Outpost of the American Empire

Oct 23, 2020

"We’ve become desensitized to things in the outside world that should grab our attention"


Douglas Murray is an author of Multiple books including his most recent one; The Madness of Crowds, and associate editor at The Spectator. He discusses with Bret the collapse of American cities such as Portland, how we end up here, and what will come next. Find Douglas’s new book: The Madness ofRead more

DarkHorse Podcast with Daniel Schmachtenberger & Bret Weinstein

Feb 11, 2021

"The erosion of education & the Fourth Estate, and the death of American democracy "

The first DarkHorse podcast with Daniel Schmachtenberger.From his website: "Daniel Schmachtenberger’s central interest is long term civilization design: developing better collective capacities for sense-making and meaning-making, to inform higher quality choice-making…towards a world commensurateRead more

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