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The Brave Writer podcast is a big juicy conversation about how to bring learning to life for your kids! Julie Bogart and guests talk about how parents and children are partners in the learning adventure, especially when approaching the daunting task of writing. Brave Writer appeals toRead more

Popular episodes

S8E4: The Culture of Parenting, Marriage & the Mamasphere with Anne Helen Petersen

Nov 17 • 52:04

The hardest part of being a homeschooling parent in this era is the pressure of being caught smack dab in the middle of idealism and the Mamasphere....

S8E3: The Bermuda Triangle of Education

Nov 10 • 45:50

Even, and especially, when a task is easy for us, teaching children a life skill is harder than it seems. As a parent, this can be extremely frustrating. The positives, though, are worth the trouble. Consider this, the sooner our kids know how to help around the house, the sooner they can help us around the house! ...

S8E2: Overcoming Frustration & Teaching Kids With Actions & Intent with Dr. Natasha Beck

Nov 3 • 57:49

Picture this, your child asked for, and happily ate an easy and nutritious dish the other day. Today, you prepare the same thing but they’re not interested. They refuse to even entertain the idea. No, you’re not going crazy. And, no, you haven’t found yourself in a rebooted episode of The Twilight Zone. There is a method to their madness, even if they’re not acutely aware ...

S8E1: My Book, Raising Critical Thinkers, Has Arrived!

Oct 25 • 27:33

It took decades of researching, writing, and editing to be standing on the precipice of my book launch. Raising Critical Thinkers is now officially available to pre-order!...

S7E8: How to Face the Facts When Discussing Politics with Sharon McMahon of SharonSaysSo

Jun 23 • 52:20

When it comes to politics, keeping your facts straight can feel nearly impossible. It seems as if every outlet has some political bias, and misinformation can run rampant on social media and take hold of millions without question. That’s why critical thinking — especially in this realm — is incredibly important....

S7E7: Critical Thinking for Little Ones with Susie Allison of Busy Toddler

Jun 16 • 01:02:06

As we talk about critical thinking, the conversation tends to skew towards teenagers and high schoolers, but you’d be amazed at the powerful wheels turning in the minds of our little ones. We can prime the environment for them to be quality thinkers at as young as preschool or even toddlerhood....

S7E6: Thinking Critically, Aging Gracefully & Being a True Influencer with Lyn Slater, Accidental Icon

Jun 9 • 01:14:23

Today’s guest is someone of which I’m a huge fan, who lives as a role model for my future, who has hundreds of thousands of followers, and who has even been featured in commercials for GoDaddy....

S7E5: Preparing Your Homeschooled Kids for College with Dr. Adam Clark

Jun 2 • 01:02:03

Is university a rite of passage or merely a means to success? Or is there even more to it? Could college grow our young adult’s minds and hearts in addition to their thinking and practical skills?...

S7E4: How the Different Enneagram Types Can Think Critically with Leslie Hershberger

May 26 • 59:38

The Enneagram can be a useful tool for understanding the different ways in which people perceive the world, but how can it apply to critical thinking?...

S7E3. Homeschool Unrefined: Maren Goerss & Angela Sizer

May 19 • 51:57

Homeschooling should be an option for everyone. That doesn’t sound like a controversial statement, and yet many of us struggle to make our homeschool right for us and our family....

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