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MikMak Founder & CEO Rachel Tipograph and Profitero’s President Sarah Hofstetter tackle what’s relevant in eCommerce today for the world’s biggest brands. Each episode they’ll share tips worth millions in sales, while interviewing the bravest marketers on how to navigate eCommerce’s latest consumerRead more

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Campbell’s Stephen Chriss on evolving your toolbox to elevate your structure, strategy & shopper experience

Nov 23 • 20:05

Stephen Chriss, Customer Vice President, Shopper & Omni Channel Marketing at Campbell’s Soup Company, shares how brands expand their toolkits to keep up with the constantly changing digital and shopping landscape. Stephen explains the value in “speaking in one voice” to your consumer as you connect your omnichannel experience. Lastly, he debunks and redefines the buzzword ...

Nuun Hydration's Ingrid Cordy on attracting the mass consumer while staying true to your brand

Nov 20 • 19:24

Ingrid Cordy, Head of Digital & eCommerce at Nuun Hydration,  analyzes how health & wellness categories have skyrocketed recently, and how this sector is evolving as the world starts to normalize. She also discusses Nuun's recent acquisition by Nestle, and maintaining your brand identity and value while still relating to mass consumers and reaching national distribution le...

Colgate’s Dana Medema on building trust among your consumers and your own internal teams

Nov 15 • 19:21

After almost 20 years of experience at Colgate-Palmolive, Dana Medema discusses what she has learned throughout her extensive experience in the industry. Dana, Vice President & General Manager, Oral Care, discusses what changes she has seen in the category over the years, as well as how to build trust as the fabric of your brand. She also explains the importance of being a...

Uber Eats' Eduardo Donnelly on the digital transformation of Latin America as a result of the pandemic

Nov 5 • 21:32

Eduardo Donnelly, Regional General Manager for Uber Eats, shares his expertise on the eCommerce expansion within Latin America, and how brands can make their way into this booming region. Eduardo discusses how the pandemic formed a technological evolution that allowed brands to bring eCommerce into this region. As a result of this transformation, consumer expectations have...

IRI’s CEO and President Kirk Perry shares his predictions for holiday season 2021

Oct 28 • 28:44

Kirk Perry, CEO and President of IRI, shares his  insights  on the current trends of the online world. He specifically discusses inflation, covering the differences in price across the US, possible causes for these changes, and how they will impact the 2021 holiday season. He also dives into the intersection of brand and retailer loyalty & the future of online purchase beh...

King Arthur Baking Company's CMO Bill Tine on the power of discovery in media & search

Oct 14 • 17:10

King Arthur Baking Company CMO Bill Tine shares how his brand is using a diverse approach to content to build their own creative audiences, leveraging all digital channels to be in constant contact with their consumers. He also shares which shifts in the customer journey as a result of the pandemic are here to stay, specifically highlighting the of discovery in media & sea...

Dole's Jamie Schwab on the latest hot topic: supply chain

Oct 6 • 18:40

Jamie Schwab, Head of Ecommerce, Sales & Marketing  at Dole Packaged Foods, comes from 15 years of experience in the CPG landscape. In this episode, he discusses all things supply chain. Jamie advises retailers on how they can successfully work with brands during this challenging time of supply struggles. From a brand perspective, he explains how he manages consumer expect...

Wes Schroll, CEO & Founder of Fetch Rewards, discusses building a company from a small startup to a certified unicorn

Oct 5 • 25:03

Wes Scroll is the CEO & Founder of Fetch Rewards, a mobile app that allows consumers to connect directly with brands across any channel and be rewarded for their purchases with these brands. This app helps create a frictionless platform for subscriptions with brands, giving Wes a front row seat to digital trends & consumer needs. Wes also advises aspiring entrepreneurs on ...

Mondelez’s Jie Cheng on different eCommerce adoption & maturity dynamics across global markets

Sep 27 • 22:29

Jie Cheng, Global Head of eCommerce at Mondelez’s, shares her expertise on the different eCommerce dynamics across global markets. She explains how eCommerce definitions, strategies and priorities change for different countries, and how to leverage new strategies from more advanced markets across the globe, such as China & the rise of livestream shopping. Jie also dives in...

The First Anniversary of BRAVE COMMERCE and season 2 kick off!

Sep 20 • 21:20

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