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Steal This Idea! — In this series, Chris brainstorms business ideas and talks about how brands make money. A podcast that's perfect for entrepreneurs in the Philippines.

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How to Make Millions by Helping Senior Citizens Become Gamers

Nov 27 • 19:35

Here's an idea worth stealing: create a business around teaching seniors how to play video games. Chris also talks about Netflix's brilliant marketing move in promoting the film 'Red Notice' when they stole the Mall of Asia globe, and the success of Mr. Beast's Squid Game YouTube video....

How a Personality Test is Making Over $20 Million, How Restaurants Can Have Their Own Drive-Thrus

Nov 22 • 17:54

In this Steal This Idea episode, Chris talks about the lucrative business behind the Myers-Briggs Personality Test, and how all restaurants can have their own drive-thru by doing one simple change. ...

Steal This Idea — Human IPO: The Stock Market Where You Invest in People Instead of Companies

Sep 29 • 23:34

What if there was a stock market, but instead of investing in companies, you invest in people? In this episode of Steal My Idea,  Chris talks about Human IPO, and Girls Auto Clinic, a car repair center for women. ...

Steal This Idea — Making Millions Selling Furniture to Women and How to Get Recurring Revenue

Sep 12 • 15:20

Learn about how Modsy created a The Sims-inspired 3D remodeling app that allows people to shop for furniture. Chris also talks about Rainymood, the razor and blade business model, Spotify freemium, and Warby Parker's shift to contact lenses....

Steal This Idea — How this Brand is Making Millions by Solving Pregnant Women's Problems

Sep 7 • 15:22

Andoks | How to Make Millions by Selling Roasted Chicken

Aug 30 • 13:51

Rolex | A Branding Masterpiece

Jun 11 • 13:34

L'Oreal Part II | L'Oreal's Nazi Past

May 25 • 14:10

L'Oreal Part I | Seducing the Richest Woman in the World

May 10 • 14:43

Getty Images | The Getty Family Curse

Feb 13 • 28:37

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