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Boxmining Podcast: Follow the latest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency trends and news.

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Decentralized Finance (DeFi) MASSIVELY Overhyped?

Jul 18 • 12:18
Decentralized Finance (DeFi) related projects have taken over the Bitcoin and Blockchain space. Over the space of 1 month, we're filled with euphoria talking about 10X on projects and various 'Governance' tokens for DeFi protocols. Is this hype justified, will DeFi change the world or are we heading to a 2017 style bubble?

Defi Overview:

Uniswap Guide with Advanced Tips and Tricks!

Jul 15 • 15:21
Uniswap is becoming one of the most popular exchanges of 2020 - this guide will teach you to get the most out of Uniswap. I'll start with the basics of using Uniswap - getting you familiar with the exchange. Then we'll progress into advanced tips and tricks (reduce fees, slippage, manually set tolerance) to get you the most out of the DEX.
#Ethereum #Uniswap #DeFi

Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Update

Jul 14 • 57:04
Latest Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency news and trends. We take a look at the key events affecting the blockchain sector and review market movements. Combining both fundamental analysis and technical analysis to give you full coverage of the crypto space. Find out the latest developments in DeFi and decentralized gaming.

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Ethereum 2.0 is coming – Here’s what you NEED to know

Jul 14 • 13:12
Ethereum 2.0 (“Serenity”) is an upgrade to the Ethereum Network which increases scalability, stability, and even brings economic changes. Ethereum 2.0 will involve sharding to drastically increase network bandwidth and reduce gas costs, making it cheaper to send Ethereum, tokens, and interact with smart contracts. There will be fundamental economic changes too, Ethereum 2....

Elrond: Killer 1000x Speed Blockchain with Staking!

Jul 14 • 30:10
Elrond ($ERD) has been a huge community choice for blockchains to talk about. The network uses adaptive state sharding that enables it to drastically scale and reduce the cost of transactions & interactions with smart contracts. On to of this they provide a 36% annual staking rewards. We interview Co-founder and CEO Beniamin Mincu about Elrond and what's in store for us at...

Can we get MILLIONS of Gamers into Crypto: How to create Blockchain Gaming 2.0

Jul 14 • 34:21
How do we get Millions of gamers to adopt and use blockchain and cryptocurrencies. Whilst games such as Cryptokitties gained financial success, their player base dwindled rapidly. How can we fix this problem? We discuss the challenges facing Gaming with Blockchain with Veteran Game Developers from Pixelmatic Studios: Jason Lee (Company of Heroes, AoE4), Damon Gauthier (Em...

PROFITABLE Digital Collectibles & Blockchain Gaming (with WAX Blockchain)

Jul 14 • 30:05
We take a deep dive into profiting from Blockchain gaming and digital collectibles on the blockchain. This area is has a HUGE amount of potential because blockchain can solve critical problems with trust when trading, proving scarcity, and supplying authenticity. We interview Evan Vandenberg the Director of Business Development at WAX about their recent partnership with To...

Balancer Finance: what you MUST know about this DeFi platform

Jul 14 • 13:52
Balancer Finance ($BAL) has recently become a very hot subject for many involved in the DeFi yield farming/liquidity mining scene. In this guide, we explore what is yield farming and why it's attracting a significant amount of capital. Balancer ($BAL) is an automatic market maker (AMM) protocol that reduces the cost and slippage between trades of different cryptocurrencies...

DeFi Explained: Liquidity Pools - Balancer, Uniswap, Curve

Jul 14 • 10:47
What are Liquidity Pools and how are people profiting from them in what is called "Yield Mining". We take a look at the latest developments in Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and explain the most core concepts. Liquidity Pools are used by Automated Market Makers (AMM) such as Uniswap, Curve, and Balancer to reduce price changes when trading assets. Explore the entire process ...

Ridiculous DeFi : Compound (COMP) Finance Explained

Jul 14 • 16:51
Compound Finance DOMINATED discussions this week - it was listed on Coinbase and Compound $COMP mining was at all time high. This video explains what is Decentralized Finance (DeFi) and Compond's Lending and Borrowing platform. We also look at some ridiculous "hacks" to mine $comp and profit off Compound.

Further reading:…-finance-comp-guide/
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