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Boring Books for Bedtime Readings to Help You Sleep


Boring Books for Bedtime is a weekly sleep podcast in which we calmly, quietly read something rather boring to help silence the brain chatter keeping you awake. Think Galileo, Aristotle, Emerson, and whoever wrote the 1897 Sears Catalog—mostly nonfiction, mostly old, and a perfect blend ofRead more

Popular episodes

The Characters of Theophrastus, Part 2

Nov 29 • 01:02:12

Let’s relax with the second half of this classic of Greek literature, in which the great Theophrastus defines 30 character types found in literature and life. Trust me, you know a few....

Our National Parks, by John Muir, Part 1

Nov 22 • 43:37

Let’s wander through the wonders of nature, as conservationist John Muir guides us through the wild spaces of the American West and the flower-filled tundra of Alaska. Honestly, friends, this one is just lovely....

How to See the British Museum in Four Visits, Part 1

Nov 15 • 49:07

Let's take a relaxing wander through the mind-boggling British Museum, learn a bit about its origins, consider the mullingong, and ponder why our author holds such a low opinion of owls....

REMASTERED - The Problems of Philosophy, by Bertrand Russell, Part 1

Nov 8 • 51:18

In this remastered episode from 2018, we revisit a relaxing work that poses interesting philosophical questions, like "When is a table not a table?" Don't worry, there's no actual answer, so you won't miss anything when you fall asleep....

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving, Part 2

Oct 31 • 59:39

Tonight, we conclude the mysterious happenings in Sleepy Hollow, which involve a surprising amount of charming detail about autumnal harvests, twittering birds, and pastries, come to find out....

The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, by Washington Irving, Part 1

Oct 25 • 53:56

Let's wrap ourselves in the secrets of Sleepy Hollow, which seem a lot less scary than cartoons would have us believe. Irving’s descriptions of country life are surprisingly relaxing....

Wild Flowers Worth Knowing, by Neltje Blanchan, Part 1

Oct 18 • 50:16

Let’s sleep among the wildflowers with this relaxing tour through some lovely native American blooms, plus skunk cabbage and the murderous Jack-in-the-pulpit. Flowers…so much more than pretty!...

Utopia, by Sir Thomas More, Part 2

Oct 11 • 53:14

Let’s return to this classic of social and political commentary from the 16th century. If you stay awake long enough, you’ll discover how little has changed in 500 years. So, no need to pay attention.  PS You're not seeing things. We have a new logo!...

A General History of the Pirates, by Daniel Defoe, Part 2

Oct 4 • 45:47

Let’s sail the high seas of sleep with more from this classic of pirate history. Enjoy a booty chest of boredom, including the story of Henry Avery, King of the Pirates, who was…a bit of a coward, come to find out....

REMASTERED - American Pomology (Apples), Part 1

Sep 27 • 51:47

In this remastered episode, we revisit a perfectly sleepy book that celebrates a symbol of autumn. This 19th century ode to apples includes history, health advice, and a nod to Johnny Appleseed, because of course it does....

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