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Bookable features established authors and emerging talent in conversation with host and author Amanda Stern, author of Little Panic and creator of the Happy Ending Music & Reading Series at Joe's Pub and Symphony Space. With an immersive sound experience designed around each episode, Bookable takesRead more

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Morgan Jerkins: Wandering In Strange Lands

Mar 2 • 29:31

Have you ever signed up for one of those ancestry sites, or maybe sent in a sample of your saliva and received DNA results? Well what can those results really tell you about the people and the traditions that inform your personal lineage? In Wandering in Strange Lands: A Daughter of the Great Migration Reclaims Her Roots, author Morgan Jerkins takes a unique approach to un...

Calvin Baker: A More Perfect Reunion

Feb 16 • 29:01

Americans have been raised on a system of myths about race. We’ve invented stories to explain what we don’t understand, and it’s our belief in these often preposterous ideas that have shaped history. In A More Perfect Reunion, Calvin Baker seeks to dispel these myths as he writes about four key moments of racial awakening in American history, offering a solution and a path...

Nicole Dennis-Benn: Patsy

Feb 2 • 29:23

The world puts you in a box -- geography, social class, family dynamics, gender, all things you’re born into with no say in the matter. But life gets really interesting when you’re finally able to make choices to fix what feels wrong. In Nicole Dennis-Benn's novel Patsy she writes about one woman’s journey to live a life that’s in congruence with her values, even at a stee...

Roxane Gay & Tracy Lynne Oliver: The Sacrifice of Darkness

Jan 19 • 30:46

Have you ever felt like you’re in a tunnel trying to dig your way out and are just getting nowhere? Like there’s not even a light at the end? In Roxane Gay and Tracy Lynne Oliver's fantastical graphic novel The Sacrifice of Darkness, a man is pushed past his limits and the consequences are global as the world is shrouded in darkness....

Rumaan Alam: Leave the World Behind

Dec 22 • 30:21

Want to get away from it all? Maybe rent a house somewhere remote, with no access to the internet, overlooking the woods and a swimming pool? But what if that heavenly vacation goes wrong -- really wrong -- in a way that has global consequences? In Rumaan Alam's Leave the World Behind that's exactly what happens, starting with an unexpected late-night knock on the door tha...

Lynn Steger Strong: Want

Nov 24 • 30:00

Time to forget the way too familiar depictions of female friendship that lean on thread-worn stereotypes: the back-stabbing competitor, the gossip, the manipulator, the superficial princess. In Want, Lynn Steger Strong avoids those pitfalls by exploring the realities of adult life and how fissures can grow in a long-held friendship, seep into a marriage and corrupt our sen...

Karen Russell: Sleep Donation

Oct 27 • 27:48

Have you had trouble sleeping lately? Did you take a pill for it? What if sleeping pills no longer worked and your insomnia was so acute it could kill you? In Sleep Donation, Karen Russell creates a scenario where the cure for insomnia mirrors the corporate greed we’ve come to expect from big pharma and it’s a total nightmare. From sleep transfusions and corrupt toilet bar...

Steven Berglas: Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout in the Butt

Oct 6 • 22:28

Are you exhausted? Does this pandemic and political hellscape feel like a job you’re not allowed to quit? In Stay Hungry and Kick Burnout In The Butt, Dr. Steven Berglas has the perfect prescription to help you channel all that energy into something positive and worthwhile. Listen as he and Amanda explore what makes us feel fulfilled and self-actualized while exploring som...

Claudia Rankine: Just Us

Sep 22 • 27:53

The United States is experiencing a time of reckoning, but too often it seems like we’re all talking past each another other rather than attempting meaningful dialogue. In Just Us, Claudia Rankine provides a blueprint for how we talk about and experience race in America. Listen as she and Amanda examine the emotions underpinning white privilege, shine a light on racial ine...

Susan Burton: Empty

Sep 15 • 27:22

Sometimes we hold a secret inside that feels so big and so overwhelming that it distorts the way we see and move through the world. In the memoir Empty, Susan Burton explores an eating disorder she had kept hidden from everyone in her life for nearly thirty years, and how that process of exposure and exploration helped her move through the shame--revealing her biggest secr...

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