Bonanas for Bonanza

Earwolf & Andy Daly, Matt Gourley, Maria Bamford

In the first podcast ever to be picked up to series from the Andy Daly Podcast Pilot Project, Dalton Wilcox, the self-described “Poet Laureate of the West”, will re-watch the classic TV show Bonanza! Dalton and his co-hosts, country music legend Mutt Taylor (Matt Gourley) and Biblical home andRead more
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Best Episodes

Season 1, Episode 14: The Sisters

Nov 23, 2020




This week's guest is Merrill Markoe, legendary TV writer and the author of "We Saw Scenery"! Dalton, Mutt & Amy discuss her childhood watching Bonanza and the time she fell in love with a Nazi. Then they discuss episode 14 of Bonanza, "The Sisters," in which Adam and a saloon girl are spied on by aRead more

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