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Ep. 209 Bob Murphy Critiques Curtis Yarvin's Explanation of Inflation

Jul 21 • 56:05

In a May 2021 essay, Curtis Yarvin (aka Mencius Moldbug) argues that the American economy runs on an inflation machine. Yarvin claims that the best way to measure the amount of inflation is to look at the change in aggregate personal net worth over a given period. Murphy explains why this is wrongheaded....

Ep. 208 Per Bylund on the Importance of the Austrian School

Jul 13 • 01:02:52

Per Bylund is Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Oklahoma State University. He discusses three of his current book projects, all touching on various aspects of the Austrian School and its continued importance....

Ep. 207 “They Said What?!” John Lennon Edition

Jul 2 • 39:29

Bob unveils a new recurring series, in which he gives the context of infamous quotations. In this episode, he covers two allegedly shocking quotes from John Lennon, John Maynard Keynes' "in the long run we're all dead," Trump on Nazis being very fine people, Dan Quayle misspelling potato, Obama's "you didn't build that," and Bohm-Bawerk on Karl Marx....

Ep. 206 “What Did Bob Learn?” Part 3 of 3

Jun 23 • 01:04:08

Bob concludes his series on areas where he's changed his mind. This episode covers the economics of climate change, fractional reserve banking, the US gold standard, his notorious inflation bets, Nelson Nash's Infinite Banking Concept, and the God of the Bible....

Ep. 205 Matt McCaffrey on Entrepreneurship and Chinese Military History

Jun 18 • 01:05:44

Matt McCaffrey is an Austrian economist who is currently associate professor of entrepreneurship at the University of Manchester. He talks with Bob about American economist Frank Fetter, before moving on to a staple of his research: the connection between Chinese military history and entrepreneurship....

Ep. 204 Scott Sumner Argues the Bernanke Fed Was Too Tight

Jun 9 • 01:26:12

Scott Sumner is a monetary economist with the Mercatus Center. He famously argued in late 2008 that the Fed was too tight with monetary policy, and eventually he has convinced many economists of his views. In this episode he explains why interest rates and even monetary aggregates are not good indicators of the stance of monetary policy, whereas NGDP growth is much better....

Ep. 203 "What Did Bob Learn?" Part 2 of 3

May 31 • 58:29

In response to a listener request, Bob continues a 3-part series explaining areas where his views have changed. In this episode, he covers government debt and future generations, accuracy in polemical writing, the Fed being a private corporation, whether nice guys finish last, and mainstream utility theory....

Ep. 202 "What Did Bob Learn?" Part 1 of 3

May 24 • 50:43

In response to a listener request, Bob starts a 3-part series explaining areas where his views have changed. In this episode, he covers trade deficits, justice vs. mercy, the 2000 election, WMDs in Iraq, and Arrow's Theorem....

Ep. 201 David Howden Applies Austrian Theory to the Financial Markets

May 16 • 01:10:21

David Howden is Chair of the Department of Business and Economics at Saint Louis University's Madrid campus. He earned his PhD under Jesus Huerta de Soto. Bob asks David about his experiences as a next generation Austrian economist, and in particular his work on financial markets....

Ep. 200 Vijay Boyapati Explains Why He Was RIght About Inflation in 2010 and Bitcoin in 2018

May 11 • 01:11:41

Vijay Boyapati left a lucrative job at Google in 2007 to move to New Hampshire and campaign for Ron Paul. In this episode, Vijay explains why the other Austrians should have listened to him in 2010 when he warned that their inflation predictions were wrong. He also explains his popular 2018 essay, "The Bullish Case for Bitcoin."...

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