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The podcast promoting free markets, free minds, and grateful souls.

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Ep. 224 Patrick Newman on Cronyism in Early US History

Nov 26 • 01:01:07

Patrick Newman is a fellow at the Mises Institute who have just published his new book. He talks about Rothbard's approach to history, whether the US revolution was libertarian, and the proper way to interpret Andrew Jackson....

Ep. 223 Climate Scientist David Legates Gives a Contrarian View on Climate Change

Nov 17 • 01:14:13

David Legates has a PhD in climatology and is Professor of Climatology at the University of Delaware. He discusses the new 3rd edition of the Independent Institute book, "Hot Talk, Cold Science: Global Warming's Unfinished Debate."...

Ep. 222 Kris Borer's Fun Book Explains AnCap Ethics

Nov 11 • 57:03

Kris Borer is an entrepreneur with a background in robotics and artificial intelligence. His new book is narrative non-fiction that illustrates why libertarianism cannot be defined precisely with physical concepts like force or property boundaries. Instead, Borer argues that libertarians should use praxeology to define conflict, aggression, and the NAP....

Ep. 221 Why Biden Paid Leave Will Hurt Women, and Why Morpheus Gives Bad Moral Advice

Nov 4 • 01:02:36

Bob explains the economics of paid leave, and he points out some disturbing trends in the "post-libertarian" discussions about fighting tyranny....

Ep. 220 Ian Crossland on L.A. Acting, Helping Others, and Resisting Group-Think

Nov 1 • 01:12:32

Ian Crossland, frequent co-host on Tim Pool's podcast, explains his background in acting and his views on helping others to help themselves. Ian also explains his role in speaking unpopular truths. This was one of Bob's favorite conversations that is hard to classify....

Ep. 219 David Gornoski on His YouTube Ban and Today's Scapegoats

Oct 23 • 01:04:29

Host of A Neighbor's Choice radio program, David Gornoski talks about the recent removal of his YouTube channel. He summarizes the work of Rene Girard and shows how society still tries to use scapegoats to relieve tensions, even after Jesus showed us its futility....

Ep. 218 Kerry Baldwin Uses Property Rights to Correct Both Sides in the Abortion Debate

Oct 18 • 01:01:15

Kerry Baldwin is a Christian libertarian who advances a nuanced position on abortion that seeks to protect the fetus while respecting the bodily rights of the mother....

Ep. 217 Murphy Critiques MMT TED Talk

Oct 11 • 43:42

Bob provides a running refutation of Stephanie Kelton's recent TED talk on Modern Monetary Theory (MMT)....

Ep. 216 COMMON SENSE: The Case for an Independent Texas

Oct 3 • 39:26

Bob covers some of the key points in his new pamphlet on restoring the Republic of Texas....

Ep. 215 Joe Salerno versus Paul Krugman on Austrian Business Cycle Theory

Sep 28 • 47:36

Using a recent Paul Krugman column as the jumping off point, the Mises Institute Academic Vice President Joe Salerno explains and defends Austrian business cycle theory....

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