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Dr. Joe Chaffin from the "Blood Bank Guy" website takes his light-hearted approach to a biweekly interview show, discussing core transfusion medicine topics with educational leaders. You'll smile, and have fun, and never EVER stop learning!

Popular episodes

093CE: The Mighty MMA with Sandy Nance

Oct 13 • 55:52
Continuing education episode! Usually, red cell antibodies are simple, but occasionally, we find antibodies that don't always follow the rules! These "antibodies of variable clinical significance" act differently in different patients, sometimes causing hemolysis and sometimes not. They can be very hard to manage, especially because almost all blood donors are incompatible...

092: When Platelet Transfusion Might Not Be Wise with Ruchika Goel

Oct 6 • 53:06

Platelets have been used to save the lives of patients with low platelet counts for decades. For the most part, they are considered a safe and effective means to correct the problem of a patient not having enough platelets of their own. Despite that, we have wondered for decades about whether or not platelets should be given to patients with certain diseases where their pl...

091: Wholly Whole Blood, the Sequel! with Mark Yazer

Jun 2 • 43:03

In 2017, Dr. Mark Yazer appeared on this podcast to discuss the burgeoning interest in “Low-titer Group O Whole Blood (LTOWB)” for massive transfusions, particularly in trauma settings. Since then, more data and experience are available to guide the use of whole blood for trauma transfusion. Dr. Yazer updates us on the latest whole blood and incompatible plasma transfusion...

090CE: RHD Genotyping; We Can do Better! with Sue Johnson

May 19 • 55:23

Continuing education episode! Despite guidance in a 2015 publication from international experts in immunohematology and transfusion medicine, many clinicians and laboratorians have yet to integrate RHD genotyping into routine practice when a patient’s RhD serologic typing is weaker than expected. In this interview, international immunohematology expert Sue Johnson shows us...

089CE: The Transfused and the Breathless with Christine Cserti-Gazdewich

Mar 24 • 56:50

088: Warm Autoantibody Best Practices with Alyssa Ziman and Meghan Delaney

Jan 27 • 55:49

087CE: Transfusion-transmitted Infections with Suchi Pandey

Dec 16 • 58:10

Continuing education episode! Blood transfusion is less likely to transmit infections today than ever. Through a combination of screening questions, donor testing, and direct treatment of blood products, the vast majority of opportunities for transfusion-transmitted infections are eliminated. In this learner-focused interview, Dr. Suchi Pandey from Stanford outlines curren...

086CE: Scary Stories from the Transfusion Service with Mark Fung and Jay Hudgins

Oct 30 • 55:49

Continuing education episode! Every now and then, the routine practice of Blood Banking/Transfusion Medicine gets intimidating. A difficult patient situation arises here, an impossible choice looms there. What do you do when there are no easy answers? Drs Mark Fung and Jay Hudgins are expert Transfusion Medicine practitioners who have years of experience dealing with these...

085CE: What to do When Everything is Incompatible with Jill Storry

Jun 17 • 54:38

Continuing education episode! Every now and then, when a transfusion service does a pretransfusion workup, they find that the patient's plasma is incompatible with EVERY other red cell! In other words, NOTHING is compatible! These situations are intimidating, and can lead to delays in transfusion. Dr. Jill Storry is an international immunohematology expert, and she shares ...

084: COVID-19 Convalescent Plasma with Pampee Young and Ralph Vassallo

May 4 • 57:44

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