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BlockHash: Exploring the Blockchain


Let's be honest... You want to learn about Bitcoin, Cryptocurrency, and Blockchain. But, you just don't have all day to sit around and do research. This short, sweet, and to-the-point podcast is all about the exciting world of Blockchain technology. Learn about what is happening in the blockchainRead more

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Ryan Sheftel - CEO of Radkl

Dec 7 • 24:39

Today on EP. 203 of the BlockHash Podcast, CEO Ryan Sheftel joins Brandon Zemp to discuss Radkl, a new quantitative firm that brings institutional-grade experience from Wall Street to crypto markets everywhere....

Rob Frasca - Managing Partner at COSIMO X

Dec 2 • 29:22

Today on EP. 202 of the BlockHash Podcast, Managing Partner Rob Frasca joins Brandon Zemp to talk about COSIMO X. Since 2015, COSIMO Ventures has invested in digital assets and blockchain companies providing investors with exposure to exceptional teams that are using blockchain to change the world....

Anastasija Plotnikova - Co-founder of BlockBank

Nov 30 • 25:39

Today on EP. 201 of the BlockHash Podcast, Co-founder Anastasija Plotnikova joins Brandon Zemp to talk about BlockBank. They are a one-stop solution that combines the power of decentralized and centralized technology in a simple and secure Mobile & Web application....

Aaron Kaplan - Co-founder of Prometheum

Nov 22 • 29:45

Today on EP. 200 of the BlockHash Podcast, Co-founder Aaron Kaplan and Brandon Zemp talk about Prometheum. They are building the world's first SEC and FINRA regulated, full-service market for digital asset securities (issuance, trading, clearing, settlement and custody)....

Matthew Niemerg - President of Aleph Zero

Nov 18 • 37:48

Today on EP. 199 of the BlockHash Podcast, President Matthew Niemerg joins Brandon Zemp to talk about Aleph Zero. They enable businesses, governments, and developers to build new solutions that will benefit from using a decentralized architecture...

Shira Stember - COO of Snickerdoodle

Nov 17 • 21:05

Today on EP. 198 of the BlockHash Podcast, COO Shira Stember and Brandon Zemp discuss Snickerdoodle. They are using blockchain technology to build a data economy that protects user privacy and distributes value to all stakeholders, including the data owners. They are building the infrastructure to allow people to own their data and monetize it in a secure way....

Lin Dai - CEO of OneOf

Nov 16 • 28:20

Today on EP. 197 of the BlockHash Podcast, CEO Lin Dai and Brandon Zemp talk about OneOf, an NFT platform built on the Tezos blockchain to connect fans and collectors at all levels....

Zaki Manian - Co-founder of Iqlusion

Nov 16 • 26:25

Today on EP. 196 of the BlockHash Podcast, Co-founder Zaki Manian joins Brandon Zemp to discuss Iqlusion. They provide infrastructure for next-generation cryptocurrency technologies which are designed and built to scale to real-world demands....

Rodolfo Andragnes - Founder of LABITCONF

Nov 11 • 17:51

Today on EP. 195 of the BlockHash Podcast, Founder Rodolfo Andragnes joins Brandon Zemp to discuss LABITCONF and their upcoming conference in El Salvador....

Meghan Andrykowski - Co-founder of Solo Music

Nov 5 • 15:49

Today on EP. 194 of the BlockHash Podcast, Co-founder Meghan Andrykowski joins Brandon Zemp to discuss Solo Music. Connect with your fans & community through creative NFT drops including both digital assets and real world swag & experiences....

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