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Each season, we chronologically review an actor's entire IMDB to see if they are what is going to save humanity

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Hit Record on TV - Anne Hathaway

Jul 20 • 52:56

Interstellar - Anne Hathaway

Jul 13 • 01:40:40

Don Peyote - Anne Hathaway

Jul 6 • 01:22:48

THEY'RE COMING TO GET US MAN. To take us away from having to watch this god awful movie. We take a deep dive into the brain of a man losing his mind on psychedelic drugs, but we're not quite sure if that's the character or the creator. We won't be forgetting this movie any time soon... ...

Rio 2 - Anne Hathaway

Jun 29 • 01:10:52

I'm uploading this just before I go on holiday, I don't have time to try and come up with something funny. Does anyone even read this? It's Rio 2. It's bad. Listen. Al, feel free to edit this later if you want. ...

Song One - Anne Hathaway

Jun 22 • 01:13:19

What's the sexiest thing you can think of? What sort of situation would you meet someone in that would really make you hit it off? Where is the steamiest place on earth? Did you answer "Standing next to the comatose body of her dying brother"? Well that's what Song One is about. Anne Hathaway and Johnny Flynn croon about the restorative powers of Indie Folk music and Jamie...

Don Jon - Anne Hathaway

Jun 15 • 01:31:38

Joseph Gordon Levitt writes, directs and stars in a movie all about how hot he is! But don't worry guys, he still jacks it just like you. We have new jersey accents galore and find out why Julianne Moore is the solution to all men's problems. ...

Les Miserables - Anne Hathaway

Jun 8 • 01:47:10

It's the big one guys - ANNE'S WINNING AN OSCAR! Crack open a cold tall boi of French misery, add a dash of musical extravaganza (straight from the mind of the Director of Cats), sit back and relax....

The Dark Knight Rises - Anne Hathaway

Jun 1 • 01:59:48

This week we find out who can do the worst Bane/Michael Caine/Batman impression! Revisiting the finale to the iconic Christopher Nolan trilogy, the boys dive deep into the value of "gritty" comic book movies, just how weird Christian Bale's voice is, and decide if billionaire playboy Bruce Wayne deserves top spot on Anne's Mans....

One Day - Anne Hathaway

May 25 • 01:37:22

A classic will-they-won't-they with a twist; we only see them one day a year! In this temporal based romance movie, Jamie and Al discuss love, missing Edinburgh and the worst northern accent ever recorded on film. ...

The Simpsons w/Corry - Anne Hathaway

May 18 • 01:54:12

CORRY IS BACK! Our resident on-call Simpsons super fan returns to talk about Anne Hathaway's three(?!) cameos on the Simpsons, answer the burning science questions, and catch up on what's been going on on the podcast since he joined us last year. ...

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