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Our goal is to normalize black wealth and share helpful resources & tips that we believe will be useful in attaining and maintaining generational wealth. Tune in to learn from the knowledge & experience of successful Black entrepreneurs and investors. For us, by us. Support this podcast:Read more

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Ep: 95 - Bitcoin: The Past, Present, and Future of Cryptocurrency (Guest: Justin Rhedrick)

Dec 2 • 01:15:07
On this episode of the BWR Podcast, the crew was able to interview Justin Rhedrick aka Bitcoin Vegan. Justin was tired of running the rat race, the seemingly never-ending paycheck to paycheck cycle working in retail merchandising and that’s when he decided to learn about Bitcoin back in 2016. In 2016, Justin also started his very own business “Vegan On The Go”, where he co...

EP: 148 Profit First (w/Guest Susanne Mariga)

Dec 1 • 01:00:44

Profit first, its a concept that may be foreign to many entrepreneurs who are taught the traditional formula of revenue minus expenses and cost of goods equals gross profit. In this episode of the Black Wealth Renaissance podcast author, tax, and financial management strategist Susanne Mariga breaks down how to take profit first. Susanne also does a deep dive on how she co...

EP: 147 Empify (w/Guest Ashley M. Fox

Nov 23 • 01:38:55

In this episode the BWR crew has the opportunity to interview Ashley M. Fox. Ashley is a Ashley M. Fox is a former Wall Street Analyst, a Howard University Grad and leading Millennial finance expert. After helping manage money for both millionaires and billionaires, during her career on Wall Street, Ashley felt that it was her God-given purpose to financially empower those...

EP: 146 Heat, Heart, & Humor (w/Guest Trevia Williams)

Nov 15 • 56:28
In this episode the guys meet up in Dallas to speak with executive producer, Speaker and life coach Trevia Williams. You may have seen some of her work in shows such as Black Inc Crew, Love & Hip Hop, and Mary Mary and more! In this episode she talks about how she happened into becoming an executive producer by being really proficient with her administrative skills and man...

Building a #1 Pizza franchise (w/guest Greg Cole)

Nov 9 • 59:58
In this episode the guys have the chance to talk all things food industry with Greg Cole. Greg Cole is the owner of the #1 Nancy’s pizza franchise in the country located in Atlanta, GA. In this episode we discuss how Greg built his way up from a bagger at a grocery store up to a manager and used those same skills to elevate his franchise to another level. There are so many...

EP: 144 A.I. Driven Solutions (w/guest Darius Gant)

Nov 2 • 01:16:39

In this episode the guys have the opportunity to interview A.I. expert, SaaS investor, former pro-basketball player and podcast host Darius Gant. In this informational episode the guys have the opportunity to learn about how Darius got his start in A.I. We also discuss the different doors that A.I. opened for Darius and how aspiring individuals can get involved now. We als...

EP: 143 Three Dimensional Thinking (w/Guest Kelly Oubre Sr.)

Oct 25 • 01:23:25

Kelly Oubre Sr. is Founder & CEO of Beast Developmental as well as the father of a professional athlete Kelly Oubre Jr. and has specifically made it a point to be involved and active in every step of his son’s developmental journey. In this thought- provoking episode Jalen and David have the opportunity to discuss Beast Developmental, three-dimensional thinking, and even s...

EP: 142 - Your Kids Don't Want Your Business They Want Options (w/Guests Jake Taylor and Brother Ben X)

Oct 18 • 01:20:08

In this live episode the guys have the opportunity to interview Jake Taylor and Brother Ben X. In this gem-packed live episode we talk about life insurance, in-home banking, digital real estate, social media monetization and more! Jake and Ben are co-owners of ABS Institute where they give entrepreneurs the resources to develop and grow their businesses, while providing ed...

EP: 141 - Mental Health is Wealth (w/Guest Qiana M Davis)

Oct 13 • 01:09:09

In a change of pace episode David, Jalen, Jared, and Kelly have the opportunity to speak with an author, motivational speaker, creative, entrepreneur and investor Qiana M.Davis. In this thought provoking episode the topic of conversation is mental health and how to deal with life and business when your mental health needs attention. This episode is full of gems for anyone ...

EP: 140 - Black Owned Crypocurrency Guapcoin (Guest Tavonia Evans)

Oct 1 • 50:23

In this episode Jared and Kelly have the opportunity to interview the Founder of Guapcoin, a currency quoted with being "The ONLY crypto built with the premise of creating a unified financial identity for the African Diaspora that can truly make Black Dollars Matter" Tavonia Evans. Using her extensive experience as a Software Engineer Tavonia decided to create a crypto cur...

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