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Black in the Garden


The podcast that resides at the intersection of Black Culture and horticulture in a world where all the garden fairies and most of the gnomes are white. Hosted by millennial black plant enthusiast and self proclaimed Plantrepreneur, Colah B Tawkin. 'Conversations WILL be had' on a range of topicsRead more

Popular episodes

The REAL Cost of Chocolate

Oct 30 • 50:53

Colah is joined by CoHost and ethnobotany expert, Derek ‘the chocolate botanist’ Haynes to explore the questionable ethics of chocolate cultivation. They want you to think twice before you take your next bite! Turns out, Derek is also a Roald Dahl expert as he brilliantly connected Willy Wonka lore to the subject at hand....

Good Grief! W/The Chocolate Botanist

Oct 14 • 40:02

It’s the jump off of Season 4.5: Black in the Garden & Friends! Colah’s friend/ friend of the show Derek Haynes aka The Chocolate botanist cohosts with Colah to unpack the experience of grief during this recent season of loss. ...

Season 4.5 PSA: Life is Lifing!

Oct 5 • 07:47

Ayyyeee! Back from a bereavement hiatus: Let’s catch up on catching up as we tap in with Colah before season 4.5 begins! ...

Floral Artistry w/ Karla of Olivee Floral

Aug 25 • 01:15:29

Colah took some time to elaborate on how the Black in the Garden theme song 🎶came together and pontificated on ancestral connections to seed starting. 🌱She still wants you to text her! 📱833-819-3926...

Soil Cousin Catchup: Let’s TALK!

Aug 18 • 53:02

Colah is excited about the new Black in the Garden Coloring Experience!...

Black and Lit! Pt II w/ Natalie Baszile

Aug 11 • 41:53

Ayyyyee! Enjoy part 2 of our conversation with Natalie Baszile which opens with a thought provoking hypothetical question. Colah B Tawkin and Natalie discussed her father’s influence on her fictional world and Colah’s highlights from We Are Each Other’s Harvest. Natalie thoughtfully breaks down the difference between a Historian vs storyteller and helps us understand how t...

Black and Lit! w/ Natalie Baszile

Aug 4 • 35:18

Colah B Tawkin had the pleasure of being in conversation with author Natalie Baszile who is most widely known for having written the novel 'Queen Sugar'. Natalie spoke with Colah from Oakland about her family gardening legacy, her writing process, her favorite flowers and how they're necessary in her life. In this beautiful exchange, Natalie shared her fave recipe for her ...

Throwback! George Washington Carver: The Botanical G.O.A.T. Pt. II

Aug 2 • 39:20

Issa Throwback! We bringing back this episode to celebrate Black Botanists Week 2021....

Throwback! George Washington Carver: The Botanical G.O.A.T. Pt. I

Jul 27 • 36:48

Issa Throwback! We bringing back this episode to celebrate Black Botanists Week 2021....

Black in ATL Botanical Garden! w: Moe Hemmings

Jul 21 • 01:13:38

 Episode 5 of Season 4 opens with an enthusiastic chat about a recent visit to Atlanta Botanical Garden between Colah and our Soil Cousin from NYC, Niyyah who you ought to know as @thebloomjourney online....

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