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Bitcoin out of the Box is the cryptocurrency podcast that reveals what's really happening behind the scenes. Covering Bitcoin, Ethereum, other top cryptocurrencies and the hottest trends such as decentralised finance (DeFi) and non-fungible tokens (NFTs), we bridge the knowledge gap betweenRead more

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Game Changing DeFi: Earn Yield On Your Own Terms (Spool)

Dec 2 • 13:59

Spool is permissionless middleware that allows users and builders to access DeFi in a fully composable manner. It lays the foundation for a customizable, scalable, and efficient financial services ecosystem that bridges the gap between end users and DeFi primitives. Spool unlocks currently dormant capital and allows anyone to earn yield on their own terms while fueling DeF...

The Uniswap For Security Tokens Is Here!!! DO NOT MISS THIS

Nov 30 • 16:05

One last capitulation? (Crypto with Friends)

Jul 26 • 59:14

Oh no! meme coins are back! (Crypto with Friends)

Jul 9 • 53:26

Meme coins like SHIB and TechLead's Millionaire (MM) coin are running rampant today. This is causing delays in transactions, expensive gas fees and in some cases, people getting rekt. We take a look at some of these meme coins and what implications they really have for the overall cryptocurrency and Bitcoin markets.   ...

Crypto Bears are facing EXHAUSTION. Bulls are coming!

Jul 8 • 57:50

For the first time in WEEKS, Bitcoin and cryptocurrency markets finally did not dump over the weekend. Are the crypto bears finally exhausted and bored of the FUD? Is it up only from here?  ...

Can Bitcoin hold over 32k? Bulls vs Bears (Crypto with Friends)

Jul 5 • 00:02

Bitcoin has generally held strong above 32k this week, but can this continue? And will we see a recovery? We look at the battle of the bulls and bears as $445m options expires today, and Robinhood fighting back from its $70m fine with an IPO.  ...

Binance global crackdown? FUD or not? (Crypto with friends)

Jul 1 • 58:36

Regulatory crackdowns have allegedly resulted in Binance ceasing operations in Ontario, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Meanwhile, Binance is also being slapped with a warning in Japan for operating its exchange without authorisation. Is there a global regulatory crackdown against Binance or is this just FUD to crash cryptocurrency prices further?...

URGENT: Bitcoin options expiring! (Crypto with friends)

Jul 1 • 55:18

Crypto mining wars (Crypto with friends)

Jul 1 • 47:18

City of Sichuan in China have reportedly ordered all their cryptocurrency miners to close, forcing Bitcoin miners to scramble for alternatives. Meanwhile Miami Mayor provides hope by offering city's clean nuclear power to Chinese miners? Can this bring an end to the crypto dump?...

Crypto with Friends: Mark Cuban gets rekt. DeFi summer cancelled?

Jun 20 • 01:01:46

Join Nate (Cryptonauts) and I as we invite Monty (Sienna Network) and our new crypto friend Gemmy to discuss the latest happenings and upcoming trends in the cryptocurrency space!...

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