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Evergrande The Deteriorating Situation in China - E233

Sep 23 • 34:51

Present and Future of the Euro, ECB Annual Report Breakdown - E232

Jun 20 • 54:37
In this episode I read through some of the ECB's Annual Report and comment on the current state of the Euro, as well as their efforts to create a digital Euro. This is applicable to bitcoin because the ECB is a major incumbent in the current system, and is trying to launch a bitcoin competitor, which they call a Central Bank Digital Currency.

Full show notes: https://bitcoi...

Q&A on Deflation & Bitcoin: Part 2 - E231

Jun 8 • 33:01
Hopefully this episode helps you understand the monetary system and some of the arguments for a future outlook that is deflationary.

Questions were sent in by long time supporter Rob. We covered the first three in this Part 1 and then tackle the last two here in Part 2, along with a general discussion on CPI and asset price inflation. I finish by explaining why bitcoin does...

Q&A on Deflation: Part 1 - E230

Jun 3 • 23:30

Economic Fallacies of Ethereum as Ultra Sound Money - E229

Apr 25 • 38:27
This episode focuses on answering the criticism present in the USM thesis from a bitcoin perspective. I introduce the listener to USM and economic engines. Then I dive into issuance and fees, and some of the fallacies around that. Next, we look at Proof of Work (mining) versus Proof of Stake (what ethereum wants to go to). Lastly, is a quick discussion on EIP 1559, the pro...

NFTs and Bitcoin Fungibility - E228

Mar 19 • 44:28

Triffin Dilemma: Quick Part 2 - E227

Mar 15 • 13:55

I quote heavily from Lyn and the BIS in this episode, drilling down the essense of the problem with the premise of deficits being the basis for foreign reserves of the dollar. Short answer, they aren't. There's very little evidence that deficits matter to foreign reserves at all, or that they play more than a very small role. The single most important source of foreign res...

Triffin Dilemma: Fact or Fiction? - E226

Feb 28 • 17:18

Thucydides Trap: China vs US, Real or Debunked? - E225

Feb 15 • 37:34

Full show notes with images and links at

Inflationist Dogma - E224

Dec 16 • 29:02
In this episode I listen and react to Doug French's recent Mises article "Central Banks Put Wind at Bitcoin's Back." It's a short but wide ranging discussion touching on the current bitcoin rally, market manipulation, money, and central bank caused inflation. This article has a misplaced bias saying bitcoin's rally is "FOMO", "misallocation", and "human error".

Austrians ar...

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