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Biology is breaking out of the lab and clinic—and into our daily lives. Our new ability to engineer biology is transforming not just science, research, and healthcare, but how we produce our food, the materials we use, how we manufacture, and much, much more. From the latest scientific advances toRead more
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Best Episodes

The Cost Disease in Healthcare

Dec 14, 2020

"Thoughts on where technological leverage takes hold first? Mine: 1. Education 2. Healthcare 3. Housing Can build cheap homes, but that doesn’t change land costs"


with @pmarca and @vijaypande How come things like healthcare, education, and housing get more and more expensive, but things like socks, shoes, and electronics all get cheaper and cheaper? In this episode of Bio Eats World, a16z founder and internet pioneer Marc Andreesen, and General PartnerRead more

The Fundamental Principles of Reality

Jan 25, 2021

"“I think [time] is pretty darn reversible” Frank Wilczek"

What are the fundamental principles that govern the physical world around us, and how did we get to them? In this episode, Bio Eats World hosts Hanne Winarsky and Lauren Richardson talk to Nobel prize-winning physicist Frank Wilczek about the essential principles of modern physics that have builtRead more

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The Machine That Made the Vaccine

Dec 18, 2020

"Moderna designed the COVID-19 vaccine in just 48 hours 🤯"

A year ago, none of us would believe that mRNA vaccines would be a household name. And yet here we are, at the end of 2020, counting the days towards a vaccine that could not just save lives but help bring us back into a world that feels “normal” again. In this special episode, airing the day theRead more

The Google Maps Moment in (Modeling) Biology

Dec 7, 2020

" Democratizing access to experimental bio.. Exciting imagining what bio-tinkerers might build "

You don't have to build a million planes to test a million aeronautical designs; we have mathematical simulations and models that do that for us. But in biology—once the class you'd take in high school if you loved science, but hated math—that's been impossible... until very recently. In thisRead more
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