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Originally from the Midwest, host Nicole Rosé moved to Manhattan with a dream and became a world-class DJ, podcaster & TV personality on HBO Max's The Big Shot With Bethenny. Nicole seeks out best-selling authors, successful entrepreneurs, coaches of all kinds and viral content creators toRead more

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Unf*ck Your Money Mindset w/ The Slay Coach

Nov 22 • 41:22

Money makes the world go round... there’s no denying it. But let’s be real— our beliefs about money aren’t always positive and can be quite crippling, preventing us from reaching an abundant life. However, there’s no reason to be scared when you realign your thoughts around $$$. Money is energy! It’s a frequency of receiving and an exchange of value. So, start believing in...

How To Use Meditation To Boost Your Manifestations

Nov 15 • 21:30

I think by now we can all agree that meditation has some serious power, so why not use this practice to manifest your dream life!? When you give yourself the space to reflect, sit in silence, and even just ask questions, you call in good vibrations and push out negative energies.  We all use different mindfulness strategies but one thing is true for all people: when you fo...

How To Create Abundance & The Truth on Manifestation w/ Julie Piatt

Nov 8 • 57:20

Be ready to take some notes because this week’s episode with Julie Piatt aka Sri Mati, a mystic mother, musician, artist, chef, author, entrepreneur and healer, is like no other. Her wisdom truly knows no bounds, and you may have to listen twice because this episode is THAT transformative. She shares how she guides people to rediscover themselves in love, understand that o...

How To Use Meditation As The Ultimate Form of Self-Care

Nov 1 • 20:54

Meditation is quite the buzz word nowadays, but what is it really? And how do we use it to our benefit? In this solo episode, you will realize just how simple meditation is. It can be a transformative form of self-care but it doesn’t necessarily look the same for everyone. And that’s OKAY! Once you discover your own unique way, you’ll have access to deep intuition and clar...

How To Hack Your Heart & Manifest Your Soulmate w/ Expert Amy Chan

Oct 25 • 37:01

Let’s be real- love doesn’t always feel great. It can be frustrating (like throwing-your-phone-out-the-window frustrating), or just ungrounding in such a way that we don’t even recognize ourselves in the mirror anymore. So, we sat down with breakup expert, Amy Chan, to help debunk myths and push us all one step closer to our dream relationship. 

The “Too Busy” Mindset: How To Be Intentional w/ Your Time

Oct 18 • 19:55

24 hours just not feeling like enough time to finish your to-do list!? Trust me, Queen, we’ve all been there! Getting stuck in the “too busy” mindset is normal, but it can lead to some not-so-good habits and thoughts. In this episode, you’ll learn how to reframe your perspective on time and take back your power. At the end of the day, it’s all about being clear with yourse...

Spiritual Alchemy, Self-Awareness & The Mindset Behind Ghosting w/ Kenny Brown

Oct 11 • 01:02:16

Are you willing to be accountable for the fact that you control your reactions, thoughts, and actions? This week’s guest, spiritual coach Kenny Brown, invites us all to take responsibility for ourselves, both the good and the bad, in order to break free from our inner demons. He shows us exactly how to undergo this process through spiritual alchemy, holding our hands throu...

How To Avoid The Birthday Blues & Uncover The Next Level Version of You

Oct 4 • 17:18

Growth doesn’t happen in a vacuum. You need to go through sh*t to grow. But, the transformation into that Next Level version of yourself is oh so sweet!  In this week’s episode, we celebrate Queen Nicole’s 35th birthday by dissecting the mindset of aging and learning how to embrace our wiser self each year. ...

How To Become A Fearless Queen w/ Fear Expert Catenya McHenry

Sep 27 • 42:43

Let’s be honest—we’ve all dealt with that pesky little voice in our head, Fear, that keeps us from going after our dream job or dumping that toxic partner. Well, luckily, Catenya McHenry has been there before, and she’s here to tell us all about the nitty gritty of facing and overcoming the narratives we create in our minds. Author and host of F*ck Fear podcast, Catenya sh...

I’m Really Picky About Feeling F*cking Great & Here’s Why

Sep 20 • 13:35

Newsflash: everything that happens in your life is a manifestation. YES, you heard us right! YOU create YOUR entire reality. In this solo episode, Nicole delves into what feeling f*cking great really means, and how we can cultivate that mindset 24/7. But, don’t worry, it might be easier than you once thought....

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