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Does time move backward? Is there life after death? Is cryptocurrency just a trend? It's questions like these will spark the Big Audacious Ideas of tomorrow... Big Audacious Idea is a podcast for listeners who think boldly and beyond conventional perception. Host Craig James meets with many ofRead more

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Connection, Community & Innovation. The Aerotropolis with Dr. Stuart C. Mendel

Mar 11 • 32:00

Imagine advancing local+global connection, economic development, entrepreneurship, transportation and community-development… all through an existing asset. That asset is the major airport. A new kind of community and economic engine can be built within and around existing airports if we are inventive in our coordination, collaboration and collective will. We’re talking abo...

Getting Honest with Ourselves with Davidione Pearl

Mar 4 • 28:29

Humanity is at an inflection point. We can spiral up to abundance and equity—or spiral down into division and despair. It’s up to us. All of us. To chart a positive path, we need to have the tough conversations and challenge our assumptions. We need to talk about race, economic/health disparity… and more....

The “Why” of Architecture with Wendy Evans Joseph

Feb 25 • 28:57

Place-making and the built environment is extra special when it combines the visual with other senses. It’s called Content Driven Design. Content Driven Design tells stories, heightens our awareness of the world and informs us about humanity and history. It helps us connect, better....

Entrepreneur-ing is changing, quickly… with Grant Marquit

Feb 18 • 27:55

What makes a stink bug an entrepreneur? Maybe he takes more risk than other stink bugs do. Maybe he sees patterns that the other little creatures don’t. The entrepreneur-stink-bug’s friends tend not to understand him....

Public Space, Nature, Art + Humans, Connection with Mac Love and Shanelle Smith Whigham

Feb 11 • 30:29

The very act of creating art is the art. Creative Contact is when we do so, together. Creative Contact helps us truly tune into (and understand) each other. And, when we do it right, we integrate life, humanity, place-making and nature. ...

The Serious Business of Funny with David Horning

Feb 4 • 25:28

Humor can connect us. When we laugh together, we’re less likely to harm each other. Humor also brings new perspectives. Perspectives that produce possibility and creativity....

What’s Love Got To Do With It? with Dr. Stephen Post

Jan 28 • 28:46

Have you ever experienced a synchronistic moment when time and space bend—and someone (or something) else seems “in control”? You realize something special is happening, but you can’t quite put it into words. Guess what: Love has probably got a lot to do with it....

Human Networks: Connect on Similarities—Benefit from Differences with Valdis Krebs

Jan 21 • 30:04

Did you know that the word “Network” has 43 meanings? Yep, 43. Like the case with so many words, there are many meanings. It’s important to be specific and clear about what we’re discussing. During this conversation, host Craig James and his guest Valdis Krebs, a Data Scientist, explore the fascinating topic of Human Networks.  ...

The Magic of Music with Conductor Wilson Hermanto

Jan 14 • 32:33

Culture makes us better human beings. Music is a great example of culture. In fact, one could argue that music is a necessity—not a nicety. It’s an international language. ...

Space Exploration: A chat with Retired NASA Astronaut, Michael T. Good

Dec 31 • 31:20

Imagine looking upon the Earth with millions of brilliant stars in the background while you “walk“ through low Earth orbit toward the Hubble Space Telescope. ...

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