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One big question about one big story from the news - and beyond - every weekday. Tina Daheley and Matthew Price search for answers that will change the way we see the world.

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Do we really understand drill?

Mar 17 • 24:14
Drill music has a reputation for inciting violence and crime. The Metropolitan Police believes the genre is linked to the rise of stabbings and murders across London, and the Met chief Cressida Dick has said social media platforms should be more vigilant of drill content being uploaded online.

But many argue that drill is not only a form of expression, but it’s also the re...

Will coronavirus take away our jobs?

Mar 16 • 16:39
At first coronavirus was just a health story, but now it’s pretty clear employment and the economy are taking a massive hit.
Travel bans have led to airlines cutting jobs and the hospitality sector is in trouble as people stay at home.

In this episode we ask what will happen to workers. It’s a global problem so we speak to Harriet and Ray, a freelance couple in New York, as ...

Is wokeness just white guilt?

Mar 13 • 17:16
Kiley Reid’s debut novel shot into the bestsellers list and has been lauded by critics here and in the US. Such A Fun Age follows the lives of babysitter Emira Tucker, a young black woman, and her wealthy, white employer Alix Chamberlin in post-Obama America. Kiley’s book explores race, class and wealth, and how well-meaning wokeness can actually exacerbate those issues.


Is coronavirus 'worse' than flu?

Mar 12 • 24:08
The world is in the midst of a pandemic. For most people, symptoms of the virus are mild, they might develop a cough and a fever before getting better. This has led many people to compare the new coronavirus to seasonal influenza. But, for a minority of those affected, particularly older people and those with underlying heart or lung conditions, the new coronavirus can cau...

Why would you transition twice?

Mar 11 • 26:22
Most people who transition to another gender do not have second thoughts. In fact de-transitioning is thought to be relatively rare. There are no accurate figures revealing how many people reverse or change their gender, as academic researchers have never studied a large group of transitioning people over a long period of time – but some studies suggest that fewer than 0.5...

Why are teens getting pregnant in Middlesbrough?

Mar 10 • 21:07
Middlesbrough has the highest number of teenage pregnancies in England and Wales. Even though national figures show rates have dropped by nearly 60 percent over the past 10 years, the number of pregnant teens in the north-eastern town rose by 20 percent from 2015 to 2017.

When the average age of a mum in England and Wales is 30 years old, why are there so many teens having...

What made Dubai’s princesses run away?

Mar 9 • 15:01
Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, the 70-year-old billionaire ruler of Dubai and vice-president of the United Arab Emirates, has been found by the High Court in London to have abducted and forcibly returned two of his daughters to Dubai, and to have conducted a campaign of intimidation against his former wife, Princess Haya.

Princess Haya used to speak of a perfect fam...

How do you fight anti-Semitism?

Mar 6 • 19:31
It was just before 10 o’clock in the morning on 27th October 2018 when a man armed with a semi-automatic rifle and three pistols opened fire on worshippers at a synagogue in the US state of Pennslyvania. 11 people died that morning at the Tree of Life synagogue in Pittsburgh. It was the deadliest attack on American Jews in US history, and it sent shock waves around the wor...

Should Priti Patel resign?

Mar 5 • 20:12
There have been mounting allegations over the past few weeks that home secretary Priti Patel has bullied her staff. Last weekend the top civil servant in the Home Office, Sir Philip Rutnam, resigned. He’s heavily criticised Patel, and is suing the government for constructive dismissal. Priti Patel has denied any wrongdoing.

In today’s episode we look into the multiple alle...

Why are people rioting in Delhi?

Mar 4 • 15:24
Nearly 50 people have died in India following violence around a controversial citizenship law which critics say is anti-Muslim. Photographs, videos and accounts on social media paint a chilling image of what appears to be mostly Hindu mobs beating unarmed Muslim men.

In this episode we speak to BBC journalists Yogita Limaye and Sachin Gogoi to find out what’s fuelling the ...

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