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Beyond the Bump is a podcast brought to you by Jayde Couldwell and Sophie Pearce. This podcast is targetted at mums, just like you. A place to have real discussions and ask real questions (no matter how hard) with honest and authentic people. The aim is to have you feeling lighter, more supportedRead more

Popular episodes

How can we talk to our kids about consent and safety? - with Sarah from Secure Foundations

Dec 6 • 01:01:11

Our 106th episode of Beyond the Bump is a little bit more serious than normal. Trigger warning, we do talk about child abuse and sexual assault. 

In this episode, we chat with Sara from Secure Foundations. Sarah has a background as a child practitioner and sexual abuse investigator. Now she is an online parenting coach helping parents raise emotionally intelligent and resil...

How do we know when to take our little ones to emergency? - with Penny, paediatric nurse

Nov 29 • 01:01:48

In our 105th episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with paediatric nurse, Penny. Penny shares some tips and tricks on how to help manage our kids at home, but then also red flags and signs to look out for when things might need a little bit more help. ...

Why do we get morning (every hour of the day/night) sickness? - with Dr Timmy

Nov 22 • 01:11:51

In our 104th episode of Beyond the Bump, Dr Timmy is back and we’re talking all things morning sickness and hyperemesis:...

What is the process with surrogacy? - with dads, Ross and Jack

Nov 15 • 53:33

In our 103rd episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with dads, Ross and Jack. They tell us all about their journey through surrogacy to have their beautiful little girl, Oli: ...

BONUS EP - I'm a great parent but... with Sophie and Jayde

Nov 11 • 52:46

We think our bonus 102nd episode of Beyond the Bump is going to be a funny one! We asked you guys to send in your parenting confessions, you know, the things that are maybe frowned upon in public, and we read out some of our absolute favourites. ...

How can we grieve as a parent or help those that are grieving? - with Krista, widow and grief expert

Nov 8 • 55:46

In our 101st episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with Krista. Krista is a widow and grief expert...

Being a blind mother of 4 under 4, how do you do it? - with Ebony

Nov 1 • 40:12

In our one-hundredth episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with Ebony. Ebony is the mum of 4 under 4. She is also blind – she has retinitis pigmentosa and has progressively lost her sight since birth! ...

Why does it feel like it’s hanging out of me?? Talking prolapses with physios, Sam and Jenna

Oct 25 • 01:06:47

In our ninety-ninth episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with physios, Jenna and Sam all about prolapse, particularly postpartum prolapse:...

Why is this taking so long? A tale of IVF and reciprocal pregnancy – with Alana

Oct 18 • 55:44

In our ninety-eighth episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with the beautiful Alana from @mummyplusmumma. She is the mum of Leao and is part of a same sex relationship. 

Alana talks to us about her and her partner’s very long journey of IVF to conceive their beautiful little bub.


Hi, can we be your best friends? Real mum chat - with Claire Holt

Oct 11 • 01:07:14

In our ninety-seventh episode of Beyond the Bump, we chat with the incredible Claire Holt – you may know her from H2O: Just Add Water, Vampire Diaries, The Originals, and Pretty Little Liars. ...

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