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This show is for high performing women who want to have BETTER bodies, BETTER minds, BETTER relationships, BETTER sex, and BETTER families. I love taking complex science and making it easy to integrate into daily life. Every week I’ll be giving you access to world-class scientists, medical doctors,Read more

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These Are The Hacks + Products I'm Obsessed With This Holiday Season

Nov 24 • 34:40

Dr. Stephanie shares her favorite things - from skincare products for the winter season to unconventional beauty hacks you can try at home, red light therapy, and metabolic health. She'll teach you all her proven tips and tricks to help you survive and even enjoy the upcoming cold months. And since the season of giving is upon us, Dr. Stephanie will reveal her favorite jew...

Heal Your Gut And Discover What Your Bowel Movements Should Look Like With Dr. Mary Pardee

Nov 22 • 01:33:37

Talking about your bowel movements as part of your overall gut health picture is essential. And yet, the topic is still something of a taboo. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Mary Pardee get into the details you've always wanted to know but perhaps didn't feel comfortable asking about. You'll find out what a normal bowel movement should look like, how fasting and you...

How I Trained And Ate To Get Into Magazine Cover Shape

Nov 17 • 35:20

Dr. Stephanie takes you behind the scenes of her cover shoot for Strong Fitness Magazine. She's revealing her exact nutrition and training plan to get her into cover shape, how she approached refueling her body after, and what you can do to set yourself up for a lifetime of lean gains and wholesome nutrition....

Meet My Fitness Coach And Get Her Trusted Tips For Building Muscle And Getting Into Magazine Cover Shape

Nov 15 • 01:14:47

Dr. Stephanie interviews Jennifer Van Barneveld-Pe aka Coach JVB who helped her prepare for the Strong Fitness Magazine cover. They go over resistance training, why it's impossible to build muscle on a low-calorie diet, and how to structure your build phase for optimal results. You'll understand the importance of cardio, how to build an X Frame, and why training your upper...

Histamine Intolerance & What To Do

Nov 10 • 33:04

In this episode, Dr. Stephanie talks about the prevalent but little diagnosed histamine intolerance. She demystifies what histamines are and how to spot the symptoms of intolerance. You'll find out which popular foods are making it worse and which hero supplements can help. Finally, she'll reveal how to strategically follow a two-week food elimination process to remedy you...

Become Cliterate, Break The Stigma Of Self-Pleasure, And Understand Your Goddess Anatomy With Dr. Laurie Mintz

Nov 8 • 01:26:42

Questions related to sex, female pleasure, and anatomy have been taboo for decades. That ends now. Dr. Stephanie and Dr. Laurie Mintz explore all things sex including the definition of cliteracy and orgasm equality. They discuss the problems with porn and the orgasm gap between men and women. You'll learn how the G-Spot has impacted women, key facts about your female anato...

Master The Black Magic Of Indulgences & Stay On Track During The Holidays

Nov 3 • 32:50

In this Geeky Magic episode, Dr. Stephanie talks about our eternal frienemy - indulgence. While the occasional treat is perfectly fine and in fact, good for the soul, indulging can quickly take a toxic turn if it becomes a chronic occurrence. She gives you her proven strategies for managing indulgences, using exercise to burn glucose (also known by its street name - sugar)...

Becoming Whole Through Self-Work And Getting Ready For Love With David Bernard

Nov 1 • 01:50:16

Are you ready to be loved? Are you feeling like a whole on your own or are you waiting for someone else to make you a whole? In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and David Bernard explore the love equation, how to prepare for love, call in what your heart desires, and understand the many languages of love. You'll gain deep knowledge of the phases of a healthy relationship and di...

How To Break Out Of A Rut (Proven Techniques)

Oct 27 • 30:04

We all fall into a rut sometimes. And that's human. But you shouldn't allow a rut to consume you and keep you stuck forever. Dr. Stephanie discusses mental health, her top proven ways to get out of a rut, and how to channel your womb power. You'll understand why communication is key and how to make friends with your ego....

Setting Boundaries, Honoring Your Cycle, And Reclaiming Your Feminine Power With Jenn Pike

Oct 25 • 01:17:40

Women aren't little men. But in our often toxic society, we are made to feel as such, and our powerful feminine energy is being subdued. In this episode, Dr. Stephanie and Jenn Pike reveal how to set firm boundaries, 
honor your cycle, and reclaim your feminine power. They dive into the shame of pregnancy and what it's like to be an audacious woman. You'll get their top tip...

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