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This show is for high performing women who want to have BETTER bodies, BETTER minds, BETTER relationships, BETTER sex, and BETTER families. I love taking complex science and making it easy to integrate into daily life. Every week I’ll be giving you access to world-class scientists, medical doctors,Read more

Popular episodes

How Community Can Improve Your Health with James Maskell

Jul 23 • 08:47

Understanding the power of community and its powerful effects on your health. We discuss how blue zones are all rooted in community, and how you are more likely to have positive changes in your health when surrounded by peers. ...

Menstrual Cycle Masterclass: Week 1

Jul 21 • 45:04

Understanding what happens in week 1 of your menstrual cycle. We discuss how to approach exercise and nutrition during this week of your cycle, as well as, fasting, emotional health, and supplementation. ...

Joy, Neurotransmitters & Finding Your People with Radha Agrawal

Jul 19 • 01:02:35

Understanding how to find community, connection, and meet new people. We discuss the importance of finding joy, the role of each neurotransmitter, how community affects your health,  and how the pandemic shifted her business of connecting people to the virtual world. ...

Fascia, Flexibility, & Pleasure with Lauren Roxburgh

Jul 16 • 06:11

Understanding what Fascia is and why it's so important for us to be focusing on. We discuss how it plays a role in flexibility, pleasure, detoxification, and trauma. ...

Cortisol, Belly Fat, & Perimenopause: Replay of Betty Hormones Class 1

Jul 14 • 01:01:55

In this behind-the-scenes live episode from the Hormones Program in Hello Betty, we look at the effects of cortisol on women. We discuss how cortisol affects belly fat and weight gain, the relationship between cortisol and our menstrual cycle, the neurological effects of stress, and how to know if you are high in cortisol. We also touch on how to reduce the effects and how...

The Pelvic Floor: Rehab, Kegels, and Recovering From Childbirth with Kim Vopni

Jul 12 • 01:10:52

Understanding the functions and role of the pelvic floor and some of the changes a woman may find through the arc of her such as pregnancy or childbirth. We discuss how women rush to "bounce back" post-childbirth and how we ignore the necessary rehab, hormonal changes effect on the pelvic floor, as well as the uses of Kegel exercises to help restore the integrity of the pe...

Brain and Body Connection with Dr. Sara Gottfried

Jul 9 • 08:17

Understanding the dissonance between the brain and body and how our body fails to stay connected. We discuss how your mood. hormones, blood sugar, and mitochondria are warning signs of this disfunction....

Digestion: A Love Story

Jul 7 • 24:59

How to improve your digestion by focusing on the Cephalic Phase. We discuss what happens in digestion. the role of the cranial nerve, and how the preparation of food and eating slower affects digestion....

How To Have Better Female Friendships with Danielle Bayard Jackson

Jul 5 • 01:21:55

Understanding how to make friends and have healthier female friendships. We discuss the common myths of female friendships, how to address conflict in a friendship, and how to deal with a loss of a friendship. As well as, the common mistakes we make in our friendships and how to navigate jealousy. ...

Giving Yourself Permission To Believe with Martin Latulippe

Jul 2 • 06:14

How to redefine what failure looks like, how to give yourself permission to believe, and challenge your self-beliefs....

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