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Betches Brides is a podcast, hosted by Jordana Abraham and Nicole Pellegrino, that explores all facets of the complex interpersonal struggles rooted in the wedding planning process. From choosing your bridesmaids without insulting the friend you left out, to finding out last minute deal breakersRead more

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How DIY Can Save Your Wedding Budget Ft. Caroline Ripa

Nov 29 • 01:02:12

This week, Nicole hosts content creator Caroline Ripa to talk all about her own wedding journey and how she managed to keep her budget low with some DIY elements. Caroline talks us through the planning of her wedding and how she approached the process, and a few things she would do differently knowing what sho knows now. They also discuss why breaking from some wedding tra...

Planning The Perfect Wedding Wardrobe Ft. Caroline Crawford Patterson

Nov 22 • 01:11:45

This week, Nicole hosts content creator and Wedding Wardrobe Queen Caroline Crawford Patterson on the podcast! Caroline starts off by sharing how she approached her wedding from a design perspective and how her attention to detail paid off in a big way. They also get into how to manage something going wrong at the wedding, and how to keep a clear mind when dealing with iss...

Jordana’s Pre-Wedding Send-Off

Nov 18 • 29:00

We’re back this week for a bonus episode! Just as Jordana preparing to fly to Mexico, she shares everything that’s on her mind; what’s what’s she’s excited for, and what she’s concerned about, and what she can’t wait for. Nicole also talks about her own experience in the week leading up to her wedding and how she dealt with things going wrong during and after the wedding. ...

Dealing With Uncomfortable Bridesmaid Requests

Nov 15 • 44:39

Jordana and Nicole are back with another episode and they kick it off with some updates as Jordana’s wedding is just a little over a week away! She shares everything going on with her planning, including what is making her the most stressed along with what she’s most excited about. Nicole also tells us about her upcoming brother’s wedding and how she’s helping out with pla...

Budgeting For The Wedding Ft. Berna Anat

Nov 8 • 01:03:10

Nicole is back this week with your personal financial hype woman, Berna Anat, to talk all about finances for the wedding! Berna shares everything you should keep in mind as you budget for the wedding, and how using savings calculators can be a godsend when strategizing for big financial events like weddings can be. She also talks all about about preparing for combining you...

Nicole’s Honeymoon Recap!

Nov 1 • 46:57

Nicole is back from her honeymoon! In this episode, she shares all the highlights of her incredible trip, complete with hiking, and beach relaxation, and even shark diving. She also gives all her tips for how to plan and prepare for the trip, including what to pack, how to structure your stops, and how to make sure you’re making the most of the itinerary. Check out @betche...

What You Need To Know If You’re Thinking About A Destination Wedding Ft. Gabi Lavor

Oct 25 • 46:48

This week, Jordana hosts Gabi Lavor, Co-Founder and Creative Director of Canteiro Weddings, a Mexican company specializing in destination weddings! They start off with what you should consider if you are thinking about hosting a destination event, and the first steps you need to take before taking the plunge. They also breakdown what you should prioritize when making your ...

Everything You Need To Know About Botox And Filler Before Your Wedding Ft. Dr. Jaimie Glick

Oct 18 • 47:09

On this episode, Jordana is joined by board certified dermatologist Dr. Jaimie Glick to answer all your questions about Botox and filler. They cover what first-timers should know about Botox, what areas people usually treat, and which Botox brand is best. Dr. Glick also shares when the best time to come in for Botox is and whether it’s possible to “overdo” it. Next it’s ti...

The Pros and Cons of Reading Your Own Ceremony Vows

Oct 11 • 01:04:51

Jordana and Nicole kick off the episode with some recent updates. Nicole is preparing for her African honeymoon and Jordana shares some thoughts on weddings as a whole as hers is just around the corner. Then they get into some listener emails, including one about a listener who wants to read her own vows at the ceremony, but her fiancé wants to avoid it. Is there a comprom...

Making Sure Your Reception Is A Blast Ft. Ben Kaufman

Oct 4 • 59:52

Jordana and Nicole are back this week and they start off with a few updates on Jordana’s fast-approaching wedding and how she’s chasing down her guests for those few final RSVPs. Then, Nicole hosts Ben Kaufman, the band leader of her wedding band! They talk all about what makes a wedding reception a blast, and how you can avoid some common pitfalls to make sure your guests...

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