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Betches Co-Founders Aleen Dreksler, Jordana Abraham, and Sami Sage are taking you on the journey of how Betches came to be and inside the minds of the women who created it. From their awkward middle school years to founding Betches and beyond, get to know the women who've been making us laugh sinceRead more

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Is Cranberry Sauce Overrated?

Nov 25 • 55:34

Sami is back from Jordana’s wedding and she’s joined by Sean Kilby to share some highlights from the weekend. They start with details about rain on the wedding day, and Sami gives us an update on her embryo freezing process. Next, they preview their Thanksgiving holidays, which leads to a debate about the most overrated Thanksgiving dish and the best dessert at the table. ...

Is ‘All Too Well’ Taylor’s Creative Peak?

Nov 18 • 55:24

It’s only a few hours until Jordana’s wedding arrives, so she and Sami talk about the last minute anticipation (and tell us how you actually get a wedding dress on a plane). Then they react to Britney’s conservatorship coming to an end and talk about what’s next for her now that she’s finally free. They discuss Paris Hilton’s over-the-top wedding this past weekend, includi...

Is It Sexist To Call Someone A Bridezilla?

Nov 11 • 58:00

With so much to discuss this week, Sami and Jordana dive into a conversation about last-minute wedding worries and the concept of a Bridezilla. This leads to a debate about different standards for male and female executives and the consequences they face, especially in the case of Barstool Sports. Then they play a game of ‘Bridezilla Wrangler’ with Sami serving as Jordana’...

What Really Happened Between Zayn And Yolanda?

Nov 4 • 43:59

This week, Sami and Jordana kick things off with a conversation about the last few bits of planning before Jordana’s destination wedding. Plus, Jordana tells us what it feels like to not have the urge to constantly spend money. Then they talk about Pete Davidson and Kim K going on three dates (and counting) this week, as they speculate about how they started seeing each ot...

What’s The Perfect Halloween Party?

Oct 28 • 59:03

Jordana and Sami start the show with a preview of their Halloween plans and a conversation about what the ideal Halloween weekend looks like. Then they dive into a discussion of the fatal shooting this week involving Alec Baldwin. How does something like this still happen on a movie set, and what will the consequences be? Next, they talk about their latest TV obsessions, i...

Having Kids, Kourtney’s Engagement & Succession Is Back

Oct 21 • 45:22

This week’s episode starts with a recap of Sami and Jordana’s visit to Watch What Happens Live, and a conversation about knowing you’re ready to have children. Plus, they discuss how many kids is the right number for you, and the fears that come along with starting a family. They talk about Kourtney Kardashian getting engaged to Travis Barker over the weekend, with a predi...

Is Squid Game Worth The Hype?

Oct 14 • 50:49

Sami and Jordana start the show with a conversation about the growing interest in streaming TV shows (in comparison to movies and pop music). They also talk about the upcoming release of Adele’s new album, and debate whether or not her best songs are superior to Taylor Swift’s. Then at around 18:30 they dive into a SPOILER FILLED debate about the success of the hit Netflix...

Why Was The Sopranos Movie So Bad?

Oct 7 • 59:41

Jordana and Sami start the week with a conversation about getting your marriage license and feeling secure in a relationship. They make an exciting announcement about an upcoming visit to Watch What Happens Live (it involves some bartending duties) before recapping the season finale of RHOBH. Then they talk all about the day Instagram and Facebook went down this week, and ...

Bye Jamie Spears!

Sep 30 • 48:52

Sami and Jordana are back this week and they kick off the episode with some catching up about Jordana’s upcoming wedding! After that, they go over all the updates from Britney’s conservatorship hearing last night, and what it means for her future that her father has been suspended as her conservator. They then get into some House Wives topics, touching on RHOBH and RHOSC (...

Why The Media Can’t Stop Talking About Gabby Petito

Sep 23 • 55:37

Jordana and Sami kick off this week’s episode with a recap of the latest RHOBH episode and breakdown all the drama from the hotel dinner (skip to ~30 mins in for the end of the RHOBH talk). Then, they get into two huge true crime cases that everyone seems to be talking about these days. They start with the Gabrielle Petito saga, and try to figure out why everyone has becom...

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