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Welcome to the world's longest-running, DAILY commercial real estate investing podcast hosted by Joe Fairless. Joe went from buying $35,000 single-family homes to controlling over $1,000,000,000 worth of large apartment communities in under a decade. Commercial real estate is a compellingRead more

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JF2650: How One College Grad Grew His Portfolio to 359 Units in 1.5 Years with Braeden Windham

Dec 4 • 19:56

During his senior year of college, Braeden Windham wasn’t sure what he wanted to do with his career. It wasn’t until he met his future partner at an event that he found direction. Handed a pile of books and a list of podcasts about CREI by his partner, Braeden spent the rest of the semester studying real estate investing and syndication. Fast forward a year and a half, and...

JF2649: The 4 Best Ways to Manage Your CRE Investments with Your Full-Time Job with Jaideep Balekar

Dec 3 • 33:42

It can be a struggle trying to break into commercial real estate investing when you have a full-time job that occupies most of your schedule. How do you even find the time to dive in, let alone keep up with your investments? Jaideep Balekar was in a similar situation when he started actively investing while working full-time as a cybersecurity consultant. In this episode, ...

JF2648: Why You Should Reevaluate What It Means to Be Rich | Actively Passive Investing Show with Travis Watts

Dec 2 • 32:03

What does “rich” mean to you? When you picture a rich person, do you imagine yachts, tropical vacations, or a lavish collection of sports cars? In this episode, Travis Watts provides a different perspective on what being rich really means in terms of having to work vs. choosing to work, freedom of time, and freedom of location. ...

JF2647: These 5 Value-Adds Doubled Her Car Wash Investment in Just One Year with Steff Boldrini

Dec 1 • 24:13

Steff Boldrini took her car wash portfolio, originally valued around $2-3M, and almost doubled its value to $4-5M in just one year. From adding credit card machines to creating subscriptions, Steff used tech to level-up her properties with a 46 percent cash on cash return. In this episode, Steff shares the wins and obstacles she’s faced managing three car washes and one st...

JF2646: Want to Host Your Own Networking Event? Check Out These Clever Tips to Elevate Your Meet-ups with Hayden Harrington

Nov 30 • 25:19

Hayden Harrington was tired of the meet-ups he kept attending. They were usually hosted in crowded, hard to hear areas where it was difficult to effectively network with people. That’s when he decided to create his own, unique events. In this episode, Hayden shares how he broke from tradition and created a successful in-person and online networking group....

JF2645: How This Mindset Change Turned a $41 Million Loss into a $100+ Million Success with Cowboy Joe Marques

Nov 29 • 29:10

When he set out to make his first deal on a 472 house subdivision, Joe Marques--better known as Cowboy Joe--thought he’d selected the right team for the development. As it turned out, the group was using him with the end result costing him $41,000,000. Today, Cowboy Joe shares with us how that first deal actually set him up for success, discussing the importance of buildin...

JF2644: What One CRE Investor Did to Survive--and Conquer--the 2008 Recession with Jerome Maldonado

Nov 28 • 26:11

Jerome Maldonado was nearing the end of his retail center construction and about to start developing office condos when the 2008 recession hit. Overnight, his bank stopped all funding, leaving him without the remaining $300,000 needed to complete the project. Jerome takes us through his journey of navigating the recession and how he managed to pull through and succeed with...

JF2643: The 5 Secrets to Closing Your First Deal with Michael Blank

Nov 27 • 27:41

Starting off on your first deal can be daunting. How big of a deal should you aim for? How do you build a good team? Where can you find a good network? Host Joe Fairless and guest Michael Blank share their top five secrets to closing your first deal....

JF2642: How Smaller Deals Can Lead to Bigger Payoffs with David Kislin

Nov 26 • 29:59

During the 2008 recession, David Kislin’s bank that handled his construction loan filed for bankruptcy. Fearful for the future, his partners backed out of the project, causing David to lose half of his equity on the deal, totaling around $6 million. From lessons learned on relying too much on investors to the time saved on more granular deals, today David shares why he bel...

JF2641: Don't Make These 4 Mistakes as a New Passive Investor | Actively Passive Investing Show with Travis Watts

Nov 25 • 21:50

“What mistakes did you make in your career that I should be on the lookout for as a new passive investor?” ...

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