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Host James Beshara is an angel investor, advisor, founder, & general startup-helper in Los Angeles, CA. He has started three companies, sold one (Tilt; acq by Airbnb), and invested in multiple billion-dollar startups in his career. Now he's talking openly and honestly with others about what's goingRead more

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#110 — Build Your Fort — Chris Powers

Jul 22 • 02:05:15


Chris Powers is an entrepreneur with more than 16 years of real estate development and investment experience.  He was also one of the first people to invest in host James Beshara's payment company tilt. In today's episode Chris and James speak about investing in your mindset, and the mistakes you can make when finding a cofounder. They disc...

Top 10 Mistakes Founders Make With Startups — Below the (Hot)Line #12

Jul 16 • 30:12


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About your host, James:  James Beshara is a founder, investor, advisor, author, podcaster, ...

#109 — Nothing To Prove — Justin Kan

Jul 8 • 01:13:35

Justin Kan is an entrepreneur who is the co-founder of Justin.tv which is now Twitch.tv. He has now turned to creating more content online like vlogs and podcasts. Justin is also an angel investor, which is how James and Justin met. Justin was one of the first investors in James former company, Tilt. On todays episode, James and Justin speak about having a higher purpose f...

#108 — The Practice: Shipping Creative Work — Seth Godin

Jun 30 • 51:35


Seth Godin is a best selling author, entrepreneur and public speaker. Seth has wrote over 20 best selling books around the world. On this episode, James and Seth, talk about his new book  "The Practice: Shipping Creative work" and what goes into "The Practice." In many ways, Seth is an antidote for all the messages you hear about short term...

#107 — #DeepDive on Sales— Colin Coggins & Garret Brown

Jun 24 • 02:09:41


Garrett Brown and Colin Coggins are two adjunct professors at University of Southern California at The Marshall School of Business. Garrett and Colin are so brilliant, their class has now became one of the most popular classes on campus. In this episode, James takes a deep dive into the world of sales. Garrett and Colin speak about the conc...

#106 — Music to a Creator’s Ears— Guster's Ryan Miller

Jun 15 • 02:04:57

Ryan Miller is the lead singer of Guster. After meeting James in a Clubhouse meeting, Ryan decided to come on the podcast and share his life experiences in a music career as a creator. In this episode, James and Ryan, speak about his ability to create new friendships wherever he goes based off energy. Ryan also gives his insight into what it was like being a touring musici...

The Real MVP (Minimum Viable Product) — Below the (Hot)Line #11

Jun 9 • 18:07


James talks about the importance of the concept of MVP or Minimum Viable Product is when starting a company. Even Nike started out with a single shoe. Launching earlier than your instinct may tell you is pivotal for 2 reasons:   

1. It allows you to get invaluable early feedback

2. Build grassroots advocacy that will be one of your most effe...

#105 — Doing The Work — Steven Pressfield

Jun 3 • 01:10:45

Steven Pressfield is a best selling famed author that has influenced many creator's mindsets. in this episode of Below The Line, James and Steven talk about how the "The War of Art" and resistance has had a huge effect on both of their journeys. Steven sold his first book at 53 years old, James and Steven dive into the process and why it took many years before he had a boo...

Fear Of Failure— Below the (Hot)Line #10

May 31 • 13:03


Fear is essentially a prerequisite at the start of any creative journey. On this week's episode, James explains how allowing yourself to become at peace w/ "the worst case scenario" can allow you to manage that fear & avoid the self sabotage that often follows

Hit the show hotline and leave a question or comment for the show at 424-272-6640...

#104 — Putting a Dent in Mental Illness: The Promising Results of Psychedelics — Rick Doblin

May 25 • 01:53:16


Rick Doblin is the founder of MAPS - the Multidisciplinary Association for Psychedelic Studies. He created this non-profit to help bring psychedelics to the public. MAPS was created in 1986 during "The War on Drugs." In this episode, Rick talks about his journey with creating MAPS and also his personal experiences with psychedelics. Rick al...

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