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Below the Line with James Beshara


Host James Beshara is an angel investor, advisor, founder, & general startup-helper in Los Angeles, CA. He has started three companies, sold one (Tilt; acq by Airbnb), and invested in multiple billion-dollar startups in his career. Now he's talking openly and honestly with others about what's goingRead more

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#122 — Transformations from Good to Great — Jim Collins

Nov 23 • 02:34:27

Today's episode is with one of the greatest business authors ever, Jim Collins. Jim is one of the most inspirational figures in James' career. Not only did he inspire James, but he also is one of James' fathers, favorite authors. This has formed a bond at a young age between the two and has helped form many ideas in James' head. James and Jim cover many topics today, in on...

#121 — The Next Era for Logistics — Kevin Gibbon

Nov 16 • 01:47:49

Today's episode is with the brilliant, Kevin Gibbon. Kevin is the Founder and CEO of Airhouse. He was previously the Founder and CEO of Shyp. Kevin opens up candidly about his experience in Silicon Valley and explains what it was like moving to the USA to pursue his dream of owning his own company. James and Kevin, speak about the Silicon Valley Network and why it is the h...

What is Vedanta? — Below the (Hot)Line #14

Nov 12 • 31:00

In today's episode, James gets a voicemail from a caller asking "What is Vedanta?" James, has talked a lot about Vedanta in pervious episodes and today explains what it means to him in his own words. He has credited some of his success and peace in life to this philosophy.  Vedanta is a philosophy taught by the Vedas, the most ancient scriptures of India. Its basic teachin...

Improve Your Fundraising As A 1st Time Founder — Ajay Mehta — Below The (Hot)Line #13

Nov 2 • 46:32

On today's episode, James takes voicemails from listeners. He invites his good friend Ajay Mehta on to discuss the topics from the callers. Ajay previously worked with him at Tilt and has founded two companies since, Birthdate Co. and Therapy Notebooks.  The callers asks wide range of questions all centered around the lifestyle of being a founder and an entrepreneur. From ...

#120 — #DeepDive on The Remote Workspace Utopia — Hiten Shah

Oct 19 • 02:00:05

Hiten Shah is the Co-Founder and CEO of Nira. A company that specializes in protecting companies documents from unauthorized access. Hiten has been working remotely for close to 18 years. Today he joins James to talk about The Remote Workspace Utopia. James and Hiten start the episode by giving listeners insight into all the technological gadgets used to help complete dail...

#119 — The Man Behind BitClout and The DeSo Blockchain — DiamondHands Nader Al-Naji

Oct 5 • 02:02:39

This episode premieres on the day our guest Nader Al-Naji's "Deso" launches a $50 million fund for a fully decentralized eco system. The Octane Fund will fuel development of early-stage social media projects for the blockchain....

#118 — The Master of Marketplaces — Jeff Jordan

Sep 28 • 01:10:27

Jeff Jordan is a managing partner at Andreessen Horowitz. He was previously CEO and then executive chairman of OpenTable as well as Senior Vice President and General Manager of eBay North America. James refers to Jeff as one of the Best Venture Capitalist in the last ten years and one of his favorite mentors. Jeff was also on the board of James' former company, Tilt. In to...

#117 — Continuing to Evolve as an Investor — Brad Feld

Sep 14 • 01:25:26

Brad Feld is a Founder and renowned Blogger in the entrepreneur space. If you have been in technology, or an entrepreneur, over the past ten years you have probably read many of his blog posts. From selling his first company for a million dollars to now managing over a billion dollars with Foundry Group, Brad has had a crazy rollercoaster of a career. In todays episode, Ja...

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#116 — Tactical Advice from a FBI Negotiator — Chris Voss

Sep 7 • 01:18:24

Chris Voss was a FBI negotiator for 30 years in New York. He handled situations like bank robberies and terrorist organizations when it came to negotiating deals with them. Chris has now turned those lessons and skills he learned during his time with the FBI into a master class called "The Black Swan Method" for business negotiation. In today's Episode, James and Chris tal...

#115 — Life Design — Debbie Millman

Aug 31 • 53:22

Debbie Millman is named one of the most creative people in business. She is a designer, podcaster, author and educator. In today's episode, James and Debbie speak about her career arc of overcoming failure at one job and how it launched her into a better job and mindset. They also speak about how rejection is a key factor in decision making. Debbie also dives deep into why...

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