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Some Brand New Q2 Forecasts, NCAA Brand Deals, and Is Now the Right Time for OOH Ads | Jul 29, 2021

Jul 29 • 26:31
On today's episode, we discuss what brand new forecasts the forecasting team cooked up in Q2, including social media buyers and buy now, pay later service users. We then talk about the 2021 NBA finals ratings, a landmark ruling that lets brands work with NCAA athletes, and why OOH ad prices are on the rise. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer forecasting analyst Nazmu...

The Ad Platform: Bringing Content Signals to Video Ad Impressions | Jul 28, 2021

Jul 28 • 34:14
Traditionally, linear TV ad buys have used content as a proxy for audience characteristics. Field Garthwaite, co-founder and CEO at video data firm iris.tv, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss bringing content signals to video advertising, where typically targeting has been based only on audience characteristics or the context...

Netflix with Games, Positive AVOD Sentiment and Peacock and Paramount+ Might Team Up | Jul 27, 2021

Jul 27 • 28:56
On today's episode, we discuss how Netflix got on in Q2 of this year, why it's getting into gaming, and what to expect from the streaming giant for the rest of 2021. We then talk about people's perceptions of ad-supported video-on-demand (AVOD), what to make of ESPN+ raising its prices, and whether a Peacock and Paramount partnership makes sense. Tune in to the discussion ...

Cryptocurrency 101: Why It's Popular, Why It's Disliked and Which Coins Have a Future | Jul 26, 2021

Jul 26 • 36:46
On today's episode, we discuss what cryptocurrency is, why it's popular, what it's used for, and which coins will lead the charge and why. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer vice president of content and head of financial services Daniel Van Dyke and financial technology analyst at Insider Intelligence Victor Chatenay.

June 27th: Tech Talk Webinar with Feedvisor - 202...

The Weekly Listen: Bills to Limit Big Tech, Short-Form Audio and Why We Buy Things | Jul 23, 2021

Jul 23 • 45:48
On today's episode, we discuss five new bills that aim to limit Big Tech, whether short-form audio is next, Google's fine over its treatment of news publishers, why we buy what we buy, what to make of Disney+ subscriber growth hitting the brakes, how the world gets its caffeine, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eMarketer senior analysts Sara M. Watson and Jasmine E...

Launching eCommerce During the Pandemic, the Fitting Room Dilemma and Rental Services | Jul 22, 2021

Jul 22 • 28:52
On today's episode, we discuss what it's like to launch an ecommerce business unit during the pandemic and how customers are changing. We then talk about livestream ecommerce's US entry point, how to solve the fitting-room dilemma, and how seriously we should take retailer rental services. Tune in to the discussion with ecommerce general manager for the Americas region at ...

The Ad Platform: What Advertisers Want From Digital's Fastest-Growing Media Channels | Jul 21, 2021

Jul 21 • 28:44
eMarketer forecasts that retail media and connected TV (CTV) will be among the fastest-growing digital ad channels this year. Jed Dederick, senior vice president of global client and agency development at demand-side platform The Trade Desk, joins eMarketer principal analyst at Insider Intelligence Nicole Perrin to discuss what the firm has learned over the course of the p...

New Pandemic Personas, In-Store VR Experiences and 'Buy Now, Apple Pay Later' | Jul 20, 2021

Jul 20 • 29:42
On today's episode, we discuss which pandemic personas will stick around, why brands are struggling to know who their customers are, and the most important ways consumer behavior has likely changed permanently. We then talk about how people will shop once businesses are fully reopen, two new in-store virtual reality (VR) experiences, and what Apple's new “buy now, pay late...

Around the World with...Social Media Moderation: Curbing marketers and influencers | Jul 19, 2021

Jul 19 • 29:06
On today's episode, we discuss social media moderation: How is new regulation keeping social media marketers honest, which social platforms are taking the lead on self-moderation, and how have brands already fallen foul of local laws. Tune in to the discussion as eMarketer principal analyst Bill Fisher hosts senior analysts Jasmine Enberg and Matteo Ceurvels.

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The Weekly Listen: Digital Habit Myths, Conversational Commerce and Creator Migration | Jul 16, 2021

Jul 16 • 48:27
On today's episode, we discuss which “digital habits” are just myths, whether travel has reached pre-pandemic levels, whether conversational commerce can take online shopping by storm, social audio getting some new big partners, which platforms creators want to create for, what it would look like if companies were mini countries, and more. Tune in to the discussion with eM...

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