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Welcome to Beer and Money, a financial fireside chat for Professionals. We work to simplify your finances so that you can enjoy your life. Your hosts, Ryan Burklo and Alex Collins are financial advisors based out of Seattle, Washington. This material is intended for general public use. ByRead more

Popular episodes

Episode 122 - How to become Financially Confident

Nov 28 • 16:47

Would you like to be financially confident and know what your plan is for your income in 2022? In this episode, Ryan and Alex break down the steps for you to become financially confident....

Episode 121 - Producer vs Consumer

Nov 21 • 17:28

In this week's episode, Ryan and Alex discuss the difference between the producer and the consumer. Do you know who you are?...

Episode 120 - 3 Ways to Figure out Your Investment Philosophy

Nov 14 • 21:41

In this week's episode, Ryan and Alex discuss how to know what your investment philosophy is so that you can make better decisions about your finances. ...

Episode 18 - Joe McGrath Interview about Student Loans

Nov 7 • 26:49

Episode 119 - Do You Know What is in Your Portfolio?

Oct 31 • 21:49

In this week's episode, Ryan and Alex discuss the importance of understanding what is in our portfolio. Do you know what is in your portfolio? ...

Episode 118 - What is Whole Life Insurance?

Oct 24 • 17:08

Have you ever heard of whole life insurance but did not know what that meant? In this week's podcast, Ryan and Alex do in depth on the definition of whole life insurance and discuss the different ways in which it can be used....

Episode 117 - Top 3 Financial Concepts to Learn

Oct 17 • 24:57

In this week's episode, Ryan and Alex discuss the top 3 financial concepts that we need to learn in order to tackle our finances and be ready for retirement....

Episode 116 - How Much Liquidity do You Really Need?

Oct 10 • 21:15

In this week's episode, Ryan and Alex are discussing liquidity. How much should you have, why should you have it and how you can start working towards having enough....

Episode 115 - 3 Steps to Free Yourself from Budgeting

Oct 3 • 13:57

In this week's podcast, Ryan and Alex discuss how you can free yourself from having to budget every month by following 3 steps. ...

Episode 114 - Your Financial Mindset will Make or Break You

Sep 26 • 18:32

In this week's episode of Beer and Money, Ryan and Alex discuss how your financial mindset and how you think about your money is the difference between failure and success....

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