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BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone


In just 6 episodes of BECOMING:us, you’ll witness authentic conversations between two artists and their mentor. Moriah and Joel Smallbone dig deep into their story for truths that have guided them through their career, marriage and creative endeavors...each episode landing on a powerful andRead more

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BONUS: An Evening with The Smallbone Family

Jun 14 • 58:48
In this special episode, the Smallbone family is hosted by Paula Faris and Rebecca St James. Together, Joel Smallbone (for KING & COUNTRY) his wife Moriah Smallbone, sister Rebecca and their parents Helen & David share powerful stories of coming to America, trusting the faithfulness of God, and seeing God miraculously provide. They share the things God has taught them abou...

Ep 6 - BECOMING:known

Mar 29 • 33:58

Ep 5 - BECOMING:married

Mar 22 • 37:30

From the wedding to the hospital, Moriah & Joel experienced the extremes of what BECOMING:married really means. The Smallbone's and their mentor Kerry Hasenbalg look for the silver-linings God provides in times of sudden change.

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Ep 4 - BECOMING:lonely

Mar 15 • 35:21

Post-engagement disengagement? It’s a thing. This week, Moriah & Joel share their season of surprising loneliness.

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To gain more insight on how to address unmet expectations, comparisons and transitions, or go de...

Ep 3 - BECOMING:engaged

Mar 8 • 37:03

After earning the adoration of Moriah's extended Mexican family, Joel continues his pursuit with a rose-petaled proposal that catches her completely off-guard.

Join us for BECOMING:engaged where Joel and Moriah discuss with Kerry what engaging in trust, relationship and faith looks like even when the path seems uncertain.

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Ep 2 - BECOMING:fearful

Mar 1 • 35:41

Moriah reveals her fears around falling in love. Joel remembers a season of failure. Together, they share how reactions to anxieties can upend any relationship. Mentor, Kerry Hasenbalg joins the conversation to get into the grit of what “perfect love casting out fear” really looks like. Learn healthy ways to respond to natural fears through practical faith practices.

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Ep 1 - BECOMING:us

Feb 22 • 31:41

Joel was a groomsman. Moriah was a wedding crasher. The stage is set for an awkward first meeting. How does a relationship work when it starts with fireworks for one person but not the other? Find out why their fumbly-bumbly beginning led to song-writing, shared interests and answered prayers. Plus, get a quick preview of what’s coming in Episode II, “BECOMING:fearful.”


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Exclusive First Listen! BECOMING:us with Moriah & Joel Smallbone

Feb 11 • 02:06
The BECOMING:us trailer invites you into what to expect for season one. Through vulnerable, honest and humorous conversation, Moriah and Joel Smallbone present their first cinematic podcast which speaks to the uniquely challenging, triumphant and (at times) preposterous moments of life. The two artists feature their friend and spiritual mentor Kerry Hasenbalg who offers pr...

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