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Because We Got High


You ever sit around with your friends and catch yourself talking about the meaning of life? Ria, Kelly and Brianna are here to dive deep into every topic that surrounds daily life, A-Z. We're doing research. We're expanding minds. We're breaking life down, while having tons of fun and laughingRead more

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S2 #20 (T): Teachers

Nov 25 • 01:01:20
HOT FOR TEACHER, or are we? Teachers are the subject of our T episode this week, and we have Kelly, Bri and special guest GRACE O'MALLEY in the building to break down the complicated relationships we've all had with our teachers. Who do we remember? Who had a big impact on us? Who did we hate? Why don't teachers get paid more? Who's worse, the kids or the parents? We talk ...

S2 #19 (S): Scandals

Nov 23 • 01:14:42
LE SCANDALE! This week we have Kelly, Bri and special guest Alex Bennett in the building to discuss the S episode, Scandals. What makes something "scandalous?" Why is sex always involved in the stories that really move the needle? What kind of scandals have we personally dealt with? School scandals, life scandals, related scandals - we cover all bases before w...

S2 #18 (R): Reality

Nov 16 • 51:30
Has anything shaped our lives more than the reality of our situation? Reality TV, Virtual reality, shared reality - we break down our R week with a LOT of reality TV references, deciding whether or not we’re screwed for life because of our reality TV intake, how we would act if we were on TV, and why some “reality” shows made us uncomfortable. We wrap up with a few voicema...

S2 #17 (Q): Questions

Nov 11 • 53:01
This week we answer your QUESTIONS! Who’s the biggest stoner? How high to we get before we record, if at all? What are our last meals? How are our sex lives? Do we believe in hypnosis? How should you go about buying lingerie and sex toys for your girlfriends? We wrap it up with a few voicemails questions, and figure out who would be the best at beating up Cunty Nana.


S2 #16 (P): Passion

Nov 9 • 51:00
We get PASSIONATE today with our P episode - what are we passionate about? Could we commit crimes of passion? Do we always need to have something we feel passionately about? After a few deviations from the topic, we finish out the episode with a few thoughtful voicemails from other listeners who worry about how much passion they bring to the table.

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S2 #15 (O): Observations

Nov 4 • 56:06
This week we feel like someone’s watching us... while we talk about Observations. Do you like to people watch? What have you learned about people from observing them? Do you start to become like your friends when you hang out with them a lot? Are animals interesting to observe? Could you keep your eyes peeled for a murderer or a kidnapper based on a description? When you s...

S2 #14 (N): Nostalgia

Oct 28 • 01:00:34
Take a trip down memory lane with the girls this week while we talk about Nostalgia - what shows were you obsessed with? What foods remind you of your childhood? Did you have to take computer class? Do you remember Y2K? Come fall back in time with us this week, with the help of our voicemails and all of the AIM alert sounds.

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S2 #13 (M): Monsters

Oct 12 • 50:29
Spooky Szn rolls on with the M episode for MONSTERS this week. We go down the list of crowd favorites and decide what we think about these so-called “monsters” - Dracula, Frankenstein, Beetlejuice, Freddy Kruger - Are they actually bad? Are they hot? Are they misunderstood? We round it out with voicemails and a thoughtful discussion on whether or not we would Marry, Fuck o...

S2 #12 (L): Luxuries

Sep 30 • 55:21
We’re feeling Luxurious this week with the L episode - spas, lobster…haunted hay rides? We get into all of the things we take for granted and all of the things we wish we had. Have you ever had a male masseuse? We wrap up with voicemails as usual, and discuss whether or not a bidet is really all it’s cracked up to be.

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S2 #11 (K): Kissing

Sep 23 • 51:49
It’s time for the K episode, and we’re rolling it back to basics with Kissing - do we love it? Hate it? What’s better than a good makeout? What’s the difference between a good kisser and a bad kisser? Bad breath, too much tongue, small lips - we cover it all, while we also divulge a few very strange kissing stories from our childhoods. Ending with some great first kiss voi...

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