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Hi, I'm Rivky Itzkowitz I’m the founder and designer at Impact Fashion and I’m the host here at Be Impactful, the show about women making an Impact in their own corners of the world. I started Impact Fashion in November of 2016 so that the modest minded women in my community could feel empowered toRead more

Popular episodes

Friendships with Nechami Tenenbaum & Michelle Mozes

Nov 29 • 01:08:31

I talk with Nechami Tenenbaum & Michelle Mozes, two of my closest friends,  about friendship. We discuss how our friendships have changed as we’ve gotten older, what we value in our friendships, making new friends as an adult, and our decision process when ending a friendship....

The Snuggle Dress- Special Solo Episode!

Nov 22 • 51:40

I go solo to Talk about the Snuggle Dress. I share what aspects of my business have been re-thunk over the last two years, the overwhelming emotions of the last few days, and how you can still get your hands on a style that was my fastest ever to sell out....

Back to Nature with Ahuva Gottdiener

Nov 15 • 48:27

I talk with Ahuva Gottdiener, better known as Homegrown Kosher, someone who’s always been fascinated by how things were made. She shares the choice to turn certain hobbies into a business and leave other as just hobbies why she thinks it’s important for anyone who can to grow their food, and how the way she cares for her kids has changed as they’ve gotten older....

The Ready Topper- Special Solo Episode!

Nov 8 • 30:07

I go solo to talk about modesty, feeling sexy, the details I thought I could never design with and how all that led to the Ready Topper....

My Own Timeline with Rechama Jaffe

Nov 1 • 01:07:06

I talk with the founder of the first exclusively plus size modest clothing brand. She shares why she’s so passionate about clothes, why she thinks she’ll probably always struggle with body image, and being single in a marriage focused world. We also discuss competition and influencers....

It's Be Impactful's 2nd Birthday!

Oct 25 • 01:17:02

On this special anniversary episode we celebrate the second birthday of this podcast! I’ll share my thoughts on this milestone that I can’t wrap my head around and some of my favorite and the most important bits of the episodes from this past year....

Let's Talk BRCA with Elana Silber of Sharsheret

Oct 18 • 50:27

For breast cancer awareness month I talk with Elana Silber, the CEO of Sharsheret. She shares what we need to know about our own risk for developing breast and ovarian cancers and what we can do about it, what the Holocaust has to do with cancer, and we discuss genetic testing for cancer risk....

On Adopting with Chavie Bruk

Oct 11 • 45:48

I talk with Chavie Bruk,an adoptive Mom, about the circumstances surrounding her children’s adoption. She shares what it’s like to feel connected to an infant she hadn’t birthed, how that changed when they got older, and how she manages when one of her children says she doesn’t want to be a part of the family....

On Being Adopted with Rachel Safer

Oct 4 • 01:12:41

I talk with Rachel Safer, an adoptee, about the circumstances surrounding her birth and adoption. She shares how being adopted affects her relationships with her mom, what led her to look for and how she found  her birth mom and the things never to say to adopted people and adoptive families....

Processing Grief with Sarah Rivkah Kohn (2020)

Sep 13 • 58:45

I talk with Sarah Rivkah Kohn, the founder of Links, about grief. She shares how losing her mother at age 9 led to publishing and distributing a magazine geared towards families struggling with loss and how that grew into an organization providing the support she never had....

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