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Bawdy Storytelling – dubbed 'The Moth for pervs' by the LA Weekly – is the nation’s original sex and storytelling series. Founded, emcee’ed and curated by sexual folklorist Dixie De La Tour, Bawdy Storytelling features real people and rockstars sharing their bona fide sexual exploits. BawdyRead more

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Episode 202: ‘Fairy GodBottom‘ (AC Lobo)

Nov 25 • 27:10

Does the Pandemic have you naked on all fours, lubed up and blindfolded? Broken-hearted, gym-addicted AC Lobo has been waiting like a good boy - & now, he’s vaccinated and hooking up is on the table again! Suddenly, AC’s famine has turned to feast: he’s got not just 2 big-dicked daddies on the way, but they’ve invited a friend to come stuff him, too. Too proud to cry mercy...

Episode 201: ‘Sex Geek Secrets‘ with Sex Nerd Sandra (Part 2)

Nov 19 • 01:00:31

I hope you’re ready cause BOOM, we’ve passed 200 episodes! We’re celebrating with part 2 of our LA collaboration show with Sex Nerd Sandra. This week’s ‘Sex Geek Secrets’ include comedian & author Sara Benincasa’s alien lovemaking, Reid Mihalko’s party foul at a queer pornstar orgy, plus a sweet-yet-dirty cover song that’s the perfect complement to Sex Nerd Sandra’s femme-...

Episode 200: ‘Sex Geek Secrets‘ with Sex Nerd Sandra (Part 1)

Nov 12 • 48:41

200 Episodes, y’all! We’re celebrating this momentous occasion with a full stage show: our collaboration show with Sex Nerd Sandra in LA! This week’s sex geeks include atmospheric scientist & sphincterologist Ted, physicist and porn performer Ned Mayhem, somatic sexologist Jaiya Ma - plus a kinky standard that will live on forever. #TheBodyNeverLies #AnalTransducer #LustAn...

‘Winning the Trans Olympics‘ (Andy Miles)

Nov 4 • 31:49

Communication, Lubrication, Relaxation, Start Small! Powerlifter, bisexual transman & sex educator Andy Miles is living his dream writer’s life in NYC, deeply in lust with a talented new FWB off Scruff. Then COVID hits, & it all goes awry, so he channels his inner Type A queer during quarantine to start a whole new kind of workout. If Lockdown means that the gyms are close...

🎧 Episode 198: ‘Tattoos & Taxonomy‘ (Meg Elison)

Oct 29 • 23:15

Hey, It’s an ugly word for a beautiful thing, so get back in there! Award winning science fiction essayist Meg Elison weaves a hypnotic true tale that takes us from Musicology to Entomology to Homology to Sexology, with a splash of playing doctor for good measure. Recorded live at the Courtyard Cabaret in San Francisco, this was Meg’s first time on the Bawdy stage - but it...

Episode 197: ‘Boozy Bacchanal‘ (Andrew Gatsby)

Oct 21 • 25:52

Welcome to the S3x Party! When first time storyteller Andrew Gatsby moves to a new 1 bedroom apartment on Seattle’s Capitol Hill, he wonders: why settle for cocktails & Cards Against Humanity with his nerdy vanilla college friends when his new non-monogamous community is throwing a big soiree just 2 blocks away? With the help of a Saudi Seth Rogen, Andrew chats & flirts & ...

Episode 196: ‘Darkness Falls‘ (Dixie De La Tour)

Oct 15 • 40:41

It’s our 5 Year Podcast Anniversary, and we’re celebrating this landmark - and a brand new ‘Best Of’ from The Guardian - with a story from Bawdy’s creator, Dixie De La Tour. Dix is not a stranger to anonymous sex, but when she’s invited to a pitch dark sex party in an art gallery, she fears ‘accidentally’ boffing someone she knows in the thumping blackness. Yes, it’s an ed...

Episode 195: ‘Bombshell‘ (Ellen Aucario)

Oct 7 • 28:00

Do you speak Emoji? When Comedian Ellen Aucario’s marriage starts to feel stale after almost 2 decades, she proposes something new to reignite their sex life - but her husband’s response is less than enthusiastic. This ‘Wifey of the Year’ writes it off, then fumes when she discovers he’s been taking matters into his own hands…. can clear, honest communication (& a Korean t...

Episode 194 ’Call Down the Lightning’ (Soren Berg)

Sep 29 • 24:53

Does Electrical Play make you come like a rocket? Traveler & beloved storyteller Soren Berg returns to Burning Man to be part of Shots and Shocks (you know, do a shot of liquor, get zapped by a cattle prod) and he’s anxious; electricity is not really his thing, but his date Daisy is intrigued. Yet when Captain Weak-knees invites them to the ElectroDome for a 2 AM private p...

Episode 193 ’The ‘Hell Yes! Checklist’ (Gretchen Shanks)

Sep 22 • 29:25

Ever been asked ‘What turns you on’? Sex and relationship coach Gretchen Shanks had been celibate for years, with no idea how to answer that question. So she hires an expert - Bawdy’s own Princess Fancypants! - who sends her a single-spaced 12 page checklist (don’t worry, it’s not comprehensive) & together, they explore Gretchen’s FuckNos & HellYesses. This episode has Pro...

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