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Battleground brings you inside the fight for political power. Hosts Amanda Litman and Faiz Shakir aren't your typical pundits – in fact, they're not pundits at all. They're doing the work day-in and day-out, and have the inside scoop on what's really happening behind the tweets and headlines.Read more

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Why ‘No Climate, No Deal’ Makes Sense with Jamal Raad

Jul 22 • 43:25

ExxonMobil, and other major polluters like it, would love for you to feel like your personal choices are what will make or break this climate crisis, but the truth is, global warming can only be slowed through massive, systemic changes to the energy, transportation, and building sectors. Legislators must pass new laws curbing emissions, and the reconciliation bill winding ...

How to Spend Ad $$ with Danielle Butterfield of Priorities USA

Jul 15 • 44:44

Campaigns spent $8.5 BILLION on political advertising in the 2020 election cycle. That may seem astonishing, excessive, or even absurd, but if you want to know how campaigns win (and lose), you need to understand ad dollars. Danielle Butterfield is the executive director of Priorities USA – the largest Democratic super PAC. Before Priorities she ran digital advertising cam...

Anti-CRT is the New Tea Party with Tyler Kingkade

Jul 8 • 43:49

Americans are being treated to a new and improved version of last decade’s infamous Tea Party movement. It’s another astroturfed moral panic, sponsored by conservative think tanks, brought to you by Fox News, and designed to win votes for Republicans: the war on “critical race theory.” Faiz and Amanda talk to Tyler Kingkade, a national reporter for NBC News who has written...

Introducing: The Recount Daily Pod

Jul 6 • 01:33

Every morning on The Recount Daily Pod, host journalist Reena Ninan will break down the most important news of the day, both domestically and abroad. In 5 minutes or less, you’ll walk away feeling smarter and more in sync with the world. Then, tune in for an interview with journalists who are on the forefront of the stories that affect us all. ...

'Should the Dems Pick a Fight?' with Michelle Goldberg

Jul 1 • 46:52

Amanda and Faiz are joined by Michelle Goldberg, a Pulitzer Prize-winning Op-Ed columnist for The New York Times. The three of them rate the Biden administration's performance, discuss the Democrat's branding problem, and get into a debate over how Biden should deal with Senators Manchin and Sinema's intransigence on filibuster reform. They also consider whether the Democr...

A Nuanced Look at ‘Cancel Culture’ with Alyssa Rosenberg

Jun 24 • 41:46

'Trump Needs to Spend Time in Jail' with Elie Mystal

Jun 17 • 44:08

Elie Mystal, the justice correspondent for the Nation magazine and a frequent contributor on MSNBC, joins Amanda and Faiz. They discuss the quest to bring justice to Donald Trump and what Merrick Garland's Department of Justice should be – but isn't – doing in order to achieve that goal. Elie wraps up by explaining why legislation won't solve any problems until Democrats p...

Perpetual Minority Rule with David Faris

Jun 10 • 39:49

Political scientist David Faris joins Amanda and Faiz to discuss how Republicans are using extreme gerrymandering, combined with their structural advantages in the Senate and electoral college, to subvert democracy. In states like Wisconsin and North Carolina, they're created a circular structure of authority, where legislatures elected by a minority of voters can strip De...

'24/7 Fear' with Astead Herndon

Jun 3 • 40:45

Amanda and Faiz speak with Astead Herndon, a national politics reporter for the New York Times, political analyst for CNN, and guest host of "The Daily."...

Turning Point or Temporary Reprieve? with Edward-Isaac Dovere

May 27 • 41:48

What is the role of political journalism? Years from now, what will people take away from this period in the Democratic party's evolution? What role did former President Obama play in the 2020 primary election?...

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