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Battle Science: a Pokemon Go PvP Podcast

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A Podcast discussing Pokemon Go's PvP mechanics and meta, usually focusing on Silph Arena's Monthly Cup format.

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Battle Science Podcast - December 3rd: NEWS NEWS NEWS NEWS

Dec 3 • 02:17:54

Our opening theme is "Radio Tower Takeover Remix" by GlitchxCity. For more great music from GlitchxCity, visit

Battle Science Podcast - November 19th: Zero Calories, Same Great Taste

Nov 19 • 01:56:52

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) think there is no news or updates to talk about, but decide to fill a podcast up with artificial sweeteners that may or may not cause cancer. ;P...

Battle Science Podcast BONUS - November 12th: Factions Talk w/ bowlingbacon300 & x3DxJMar159

Nov 12 • 01:19:09

Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) is joined by bowlingbacon300 and x3DxJMar159 to talk Silph Arena Factions, Pokémon GO PvP, and a little bit about the future of PvP and PLAY! Pokémon....

Battle Science Podcast - November 5th: A Knock-Out November

Nov 5 • 01:49:31

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) break into November’s upcoming events, including the Festival of Lights, Shinx Community Day, and a looming Rocket Takeover. The Meta Analysis features the Silph Arena’s November meta, the Brawler Cup. 


Battle Science Podcast - October 22th: RATTLE ME BONES!!

Oct 22 • 01:49:46

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) talk about Pokémon GO’s Twitch Rivals tournament, the ongoing Halloween Event(s), and break into the Meta Analysis with GBL’s Halloween Cup. ...

Battle Science Podcast - October 8th: Kiss from a Rose on the Gray

Oct 8 • 01:40:23

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) hit the sparse News Roundup with the smaller Pokémon showcases in October such as Raid Hours and Spotlight Hours. The bulk of the News Roundup is spent breaking down the Silph Arena Season Four rules changes, and the announcement of the inclusion of Pokémon GO within the official PLAY! Pokémon competitive environment. ...

Battle Science Podcast - September 24th: Welcome to the Little Jungle

Sep 24 • 01:56:42

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) talk fashion, form changes, and Spooky Community Days before getting lost in the jungle news and metas that are coming up in October....

Battle Science Podcast - September 10th: Mischievous Mischief

Sep 10 • 01:49:09
Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) get into the meaty announcements of the Season of Mischief, Season Nine of GO Battle League, and September’s upcoming events. Season Nine’s Move Updates are the subject of the Meta Analysis, while the upcoming GBL micro-metas will be focused on in future episodes.



00:00:00 Intro/Housekeeping

00:13:44 News Roundup - A...

Battle Science Podcast - September 6th: The Silph Arena Preseason Primer [Part 2]

Sep 7 • 01:31:17

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) complete the Battle Science 2021 Silph Arena Preseason Primer in this 90 minute bonus episode of the Battle Science Podcast....

Battle Science Podcast - August 27th: The Silph Arena Preseason Primer

Aug 27 • 02:44:34

Jesse (RocketAdminJ) and Steven (aBoyInTheWoods) breeze through the News Roundup’s only topic, September’s cuddly Community Day, and finally get to one of Steven’s lofty projects, the Silph Arena Preseason Primer. In this episode they cover the basics of Pokemon GO’s relationship with its PvP mechanics. ...

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